Project Veritas/ James O'Keefe thread

With all the paid GOP actors jumping on board on this story. It makes me doubt the authenticity of this whole project.

I'm getting boomer propaganda vibes.

Random GOP shill: "We stand up for free speech"

Sure you do boy... Sure you do..

I wrote this earlier in another thread:

I have exactly the same vibe. (hence I don't care anymore, after an initial" "wow this is interesting")

It's this neo-con boomer narrative; big pharma invented a pandemic to steal away some dollars.

They are described as a far-right activist group, but active on all the social platforms. It's the same I have with Alex Jones.

It feels we are watching a show, or at max scratching the surface.

I'd love to see Jewish power, Israeli/US relations, FBI officials, people working at the billionaire NGOs, the fraud at all the green companies, financial machinations at the FED/Banks investigated.

But it seems they are just doing boomer control. Google bad. CNN bad. Pfizer bad. Facebook bad.

Something is off in the Veritas narrative.

Veritas has been allowed to grow with strong financial backing.

That's very different from how Feuntes or Anglin ar treated.

Real opposition is not allowed to grow. And Veritas never exposed the real forces of power; Jews, billionaires/financial elite and government and the mixture of these. How foreign policy is shaped on Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Iran, China & Russia. How 100s billions are pumped into Ukraine.

The reason all the corporate businesses wave the rainbow flag is not because they have power, it's because they know if they don't they will be destroyd. Pfizer is a 100% dependable on the government for it's protection of patents. With just 1 stroke Pfizer could be attacked by the leaders and be destroyed. A trillion dollar law suit is easily built. Same goes for Google of Facebook. Not for nothing these companies pump millions and millions into the lobby. They need to lobby, they are not lobbied.

To run a succesful corporate business, you need to be friends with Jews, government and financial elite. If you fail, you will be destroyed.

That's why I say, not the real machinations of power.

One of the big mistakes of the Jews was to let Hitler go in the 20s. The last 80 years they never let any opposition take any substantial form. all opposition has been swallowed up in a pre-mature stage in the larger conglomerates. I see that here locally as well. Edgy blogs that became popular in the early 2010s were integrated in large media corporations. The founders are given multiple millions, they cash, stay the CEO for a few years and leave. Logical, they feel "i hate fighting the system", I cash, I'm out.

Veritas is too much spectacle now. As if this is the ultimate edge of journalism. It's setting a goal post.
As if fighting for no tranny porn on schools is the fight to win.

It's side tracking from the larger issue of this society.

More and more I'm getting bored with all the narratives, yeah yeah, we have seen that. Every citizen needs to stay within the confines of modernism. Yeah you can say that Google is bad, or Pfizer is bad, or Oil is bad.

But just don't say, specific Jewish political groups are bad, or call out specific billionaires, or do foreign affairs.

Imagine Veritas going inside the ADL or the Rothschild family or hear out government officials on the war in Ukraine. Sending a sexy woman to seduce these people and make them brag and speak, that would be interesting.
Imagine Veritas going inside the ADL or the Rothschild family or hear out government officials on the war in Ukraine. Sending a sexy woman to seduce these people and make them brag and speak, that would be interesting.
Theory for which I have no evidence whatsoever: This is currently happening/wrapping up, it got past everyone's radar, thus the emergency panicked crackdown down.


Hm, it says Imgbb image not found, but thanks to they are still available. Is a nose a valid reason to take this stuff down?


I used to work for an online political news site (501c3) that was very left oriented and the very same thing happened. A lower ranked (((person))) formed a coup with the board of directors and took over the organization.

The next time he setup the next site as for-profit to avoid having a 'board'. Once you set that a board, it's no longer your organization, even if you stuff it with family like he did. They all sold him out.

The best thing for O'Keefe to do is to start another organization without the board. Hopefully he saved some of that money for this rainy day.
I think what happened was that Project Veritas caught Pfizer with the smoking gun. Pfizer called in every favor that they've been owed to make the story go away. The only way to do it was to get rid of James O'Keefe. I also suspect that in the few days that he was out of the office, the Pfizer supporters went through all of the Project Veritas files and got all of the information and deleted it and also got the list of everybody at all of these pharmaceutical companies whose been on Tinder and Grinder dates with the various honeypots who O'Keefe has out there.

We also don't know what O'Keefe's attitude about WWIII is. He might be sending out honeypots around the Pentagon, State Department and CIA headquarters and getting dirt about what the plan to escalate to WWIII is. The government can't let that information out under any circumstances. Something like that may be why he has to be silenced going forward.
So can they knee cap O'Keefe like they did with Yiannopoulos?

Even if they don't, how is O'Keefe going to do the same work outside without the big donors?

Honey pots cost money and people's "support" ain't going to get him there.

But it also sounds like the important donors support O'Keefe, so if they successfully get rid of him all that happens is Veritas becomes irrelevant and his donors stand him up a new organization.