Project Veritas/ James O'Keefe thread

Probably should read a lot of the Patriot Act. For example this paragraph on this page
So many things are in plain sight but not when buried in thousands of pages of documentation and nebulous wording...but I trust no one.

Community partnerships​

Since September 11th, it has become apparent that Homeland Security is not an effort that can be conducted by law enforcement alone. Instead, an effective Homeland Security strategy must include partnerships not only with other law enforcement organizations, but also with businesses, citizens, emergency management, public health, and many other private and public organizations with a stake in terrorism prevention and response. Partnerships need to be expanded to take advantage of the many skills necessary to plan for, mobilize, and respond to terrorist acts. For homeland security, this means building trust with Arab-American and Islamic-American communities, not with empty promises but by demonstrating how law enforcement can protect them in their neighborhoods, workplaces, places of worship, and other public spaces. 25

There is often some misconception that in community-oriented policing, “community” is defined by certain geographical boundaries. Daniel Flynn suggests that law enforcement agencies look beyond traditional geographical boundaries and that agencies also look at areas or groups with shared character or identity and those with common problems or concerns. Flynn points to ethnic, cultural, and racial communities, as well as businesses, schools, and churches. 26 In community-oriented policing, the police are only one of the many local government organizations responsible for responding to community problems. In community-oriented policing, other government agencies are called upon and recognized for their abilities to respond to crime and social disorder issues. Community-based organizations also are brought into crime prevention and problem solving partnerships with law enforcement. Encouraging citizen involvement in programs such as neighborhood watch, youth education, and other activities with law enforcement has been found to increase social cohesion among citizens and decrease fear of crime. 27 The emphasis on building community partnerships encouraged by community-oriented policing may also help reduce citizen fear of terrorist events. 28

The prevention of terrorist activities requires not only effective communication between local and state agencies and the federal government but, perhaps more importantly, with the community. By building community partnerships facilitated by community policing, law enforcement can develop responses aimed at reducing levels of fear. While citizen fear of terrorist events is somewhat different from fear of crime, some of the same techniques and programs can be used in its reduction. Citizen awareness campaigns can inform citizens about what police and government are doing to prepare for and prevent a future attack. 29
This exactly the “chivaton” (rat) system Castros ( aka Justina Trudeaus father ) communist regime put in place to “protect “ the revolution in Cuba for nearly 60 years.
That's interesting. GOP Political Strategist Jeff Roe was sitting left to Matthew Tyrmand.

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Less than 9 months after this picture was taken, Matthew Tyrmand would attempt a (failed) coup inside Project Veritas, with the ultimate aim of weaponizing PV against Donald Trump. The question now has to be asked: was it DeSantis strategist Jeff Roe who dreamed up the plan to depose James, and ultimately destroy PV?