Public schools re-opening Fall 2020. US students to be groomed for the "New Normal."

I'm not saying any of those countries were wrong or bad. I'm actually pointing out that the entire reason they are all under attack, embargo, or outright coup by western powers is precisely *because* they tried to do these good things for their people. Libya might be flawed from a western perspective, but it was the gem of Africa. The fact that Cuba has been able to thrive and succeed to the degree it has despite being an island which depends on international trade while being under a 70 year embargo by the most powerful nation on earth speaks volumes. Russia is another nation who has introduced pro-family assistance, with land and monetary grants to newlyweds, and unsurprisingly, it too is under assault from the west. Far from military intervention, if any nation deserves "most favored nation" trading status it is nations like these.