Race riots 2020

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Violence or some sort of extreme reaction to this insane lockdown was inevitable. This messes seriously with your mental state. No, I wouldn't be looting flat screen TVs in my town, but I know many of us are near a breaking point and will act out. I'm not in physical or economic stress at all, but can only imagine what those that are, are going through (while receiving one single $1,200 payment of public assistance that they must stretch out to sustain them during this 70+ day lockdown).

The rioting doesn't surprise me at all. The lockdown itself didn't make sense and was insane, but there would have been a way to still do an insane lockdown if it was just planned better, with less logical inconsistencies and contradictions, and communication was better, and you did some token gesture like mail everyone a face mask that you expect them to wear and would cost a fraction of a percent of any of these wasteful "bailout" plans.

I had a theory that the lockdown was a planned event to bring about some end goal, which I was never able to discover, but my hunch was some type of monetary or economic reset (this is happening to some degree now in the US with a huge wealth transfer to the elite class). The coronavirus was only the catalyst. Just as this man's death was the catalyst for rioting. The aftereffects of both will be much greater than the primary effects of both. And that's why no one is still debating the medical points of the virus or the events of the murder. Deaths and destruction after the catalyst events will be far greater than the initial events, which are no longer important.

The murder of that man was horrible, but it occurs about 3 times a day, every day in America to someone (death by cop). If cops can't figure out a way to subdue criminals without murdering them, I'd say they have failed at being peace officers. Just as the flu killing 100,000 was not significantly different from last year killing 80,000, another person murdered by a cop today, is no different than what goes on every 8 hours in this country... Sympathies to the guy's family but this is a far bigger event now.


How many of these "protesters" are paid agitators, likely from George Soros, whom will go unpunished?
Probably 20-50% of the protesters on the first night in Minneapolis were paid. Their job was to get the useful idiots out on the streets. Now, probably 10% or less are paid. It's on autopilot.

If you look at protests in new cities, most of the protesters on the first night are shills. Then when thugs think it's safe to come out and loot, they do.

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The media in its current form is absolutely an enemy to the USA and the American people.

Oy vey. Cool it with the anti-semitism!

Cucked cops! These pigs are trash. Look at what the police in HK did for its people, thats where we are heading when they start arresting journalists here.

Be careful presuming the cause of the arrest. Not all reporters are just "doing their job".

From Vox Day:

A smaller protest continued Thursday at Chauvin’s home.... A photographer at the house Thursday morning appeared to stage a shot in the officer’s driveway by encouraging two people to spray “Kill Pig Cops” on the garage door, according to Jennifer Kennetz of St. Paul. She said the woman claimed to be a magazine photographer and tried to persuade Kennetz and others to pose for her near the home.

Kennetz said she later saw the photographer persuade a young couple to spray paint the garage door while recording it with her cellphone. Police confiscated the phone, Kennetz said, and an Oakdale police spokeswoman confirmed the incident was under investigation.
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I tried using the gas pricing sites to get the cheapest price for my car, but I find them ALWAYS to be wrong. They're not reliable at all.

Yeah, and I've since found that that chain generally uses that bottom spot on the sign to advertise their slurpee or something. (I'd post a picture but I can't yet, due to my "noob" status.)

However, this is still kind of fishy, given that they apparently worked together and the cop's next door neighbors have said that they didn't even know he was a cop and had never seen him in his uniform or in a squad car. Also, as I said earlier, the Arbery thing actually happened in February and it is strange how they decided to bring that story back up just before this happened.

Maybe this is legit but after all the times the MSM has lied/staged events over the last several years, I don't trust them and think it is our duty to fact check EVERYTHING they say, just in case. And, once again, this situation and the timing of it all plays into the NWO agenda rather nicely, especially given the fact that people were starting to get over the COVID fear porn and beginning to ease into the summer. Now, it seems we might have a nice little race war to occupy everyone's attention until the "second wave" hits in the fall.



Not sure if I 100% agree, but I don't think this is going to have the effect they want. People outside the cities are going to react to this by forming militias, arming up, and preparing for war with dindunuffins and city dwellers. It's also going to massively help Trump and push a lot of white people more towards ethno-nationalism. It also moves non-pozzed whites closer to a wartime mentality.
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Police showed up in HUGE force to protect CNN, crowd has thinned out (according to the CNN correspondent I'm seeing on the GloomTube right now)


By that principle, so are essentially 95% of the topics / posts discussed on here

"if it turns out"....? I think there's pretty clear video evidence that that was the case...


What a disgraceful comment.
Firstly, because, if anything, the fact that there is such in this case is the reason it can't be defended. But that is rare.

How often must this happen where the police do this and there is no evidence and it essentially becomes "he says, she says" with the police getting off on a technicality or "internal investigation" that is swept under the carpet? The police in that video are brazen enough to think they can get away with it and do not seem worried for any potential consequences of their actions (ie death of the man nor the public backlash). It only hits the media when there is a death, but how often must this type of action by the police leave an individual with significant morbidity (e.g. paralysis) for the rest of their lives that we wouldn't even hear about?

Secondly, because it is this exact attitude from the silent majority general populace (who would not be targeted in this fashion) that enables the police to think that they can brazenly get away with it. They are the first to scream like a stuck pig if this type of action was directed at one of their clan but the first to dismiss it when it doesn't.
There have been other "clear damning video footage" cases involving cops and they walked.



:oops::oops:Black and Brown unity? Not sure how long it will last.

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Does anyone have a livefeed link(s) for tonight's Chimpout?

Friday and Saturday night will have a lot more on the street and everything before it was just an opening act.

Grabbed this list of streams from another site, putting it under a spoiler tag because it's a lot and I don't want to choke the thread - I'm on Trendkill right now, bouncing that and DoomTube:


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