Race riots 2020


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I guess that's where the saying referring to a boisterously good time "it was a riot" came from.

Anyhow, all you guys worrying about racial segregation can put it out of your head for now. Nothing of the sort is going to happen while the FUSA leviathan still lives and breathes, and when it finally croaks you're going to be worried less about demographics and more about where your next meal is coming from.

If you're not working on that retreat property above the snowline stacked with canned food and firewood then you're not really taking the idea of balkanization seriously.

Meanwhile all these cops are really lucky that the rioters protesters are garbage at rioting protesting. Home made spike strips, axle binders, flame throwers and mortars are so easy to make these days. You yanks are lucky that all the antifa kiddies are enrolled in diversity studies instead of engineering or trade school.

How do you make a flame thrower?

Leonard D Neubache

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How do you make a flame thrower?

This video explains how they work and goes over some important details about things like the difference in effectiveness between liquid fuel and gel fuel. There's no real engineering magic to them. It just pressure + fuel + ignition source.

Please note that this video is for historical interest only. Werfing flammen is for trained professionals. Use only as directed, and if pain persists please see your doctor.
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I am living in third world and a narcostate ( not praising that ) and there isn't 0.001% of the insecurity you can find in the USA or in west Europe.
It s a safe haven . Part of the reason is that it s 100% homogenic. Crimes are done when people emigrate ; simply because our countries allow it.

I think it depends which 3rd world country you live in. When living in South Africa I can remember that armed burglaries, cars being hijacked etc. were just daily business. I still have yet to see the car hijacking and people getting murdered on playgrounds in western Europe, though my gut feeling tells me that it surely is very common in the UK.

Also, in my 20s I'd sometimes get completely wasted and be tumbling down the streets, falling asleep on random benches in western Europe and nothing ever happened. The idea of doing that on a regular basis in Johannesburg is asinine.


It's been nearly 30 years since the LA riots and we're still seeing cities burned and businesses looted
and that was thirty years since the riots of the 60s which most of are too young to remember - but just a few years of affirmative action and great society and we'd all be singing 'its a small world' together.

Summer's expected to start soon. And things are going to get worse over the next couple of months before Election Day.
by design. the deep state (democrats + cuckservative globalists) crashed the economy - and remember they were already destabilizing the markets BEFORE covid- now, like very presidential election, KKK white cops are murdering innocent black men - same pattern as last election when Hillary sided with BLM - the only thing needed to complete the trifecta is a trump scandal - there will be one coming, as false as Russiagate but the media will keep it at the top of the headlines until novemeber.

if democrats are elected, covid will magically no longer require shelter in place, the scandal will fade. They will keep stoking poor blacks though.

Dr. Howard

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^ Re outside agitators and coordination.

I saw that there were some peaceful Black Lives Matter marches in small cities in my region that echoed other patterns I'd seen before so I did a little more digging and looked back to Southeast TN.

When I lived there, during the 2016 election, these small cities had coordinated "we don't like Donald Trump" protests with some sort of fancy name, all at the same time, all on the same day.

So, I did a quick search of the local news channels in those areas and sure enough...they all are having "I can't breathe" marches on varying scales, on the same days, with the same message. So that is obviously coordinated, as much as the simultaneous republican protests against coronavirus lockdown were. These protests are not at all "organic" and are coordinated by "community organizers". The riots though...who knows if they are provoked or coordinated. Antifa types will join in any cause that gives and excuse to throw firebombs and Joggers will join in any riot that gives them an opportunity to loot.

In addition, Milwaukee WI loves a good race riot as much as LA or baltimore does and they have of course gotten in on the action with this round of riots, resulting in a police officer now taking a bullet. The DNC is having their national convention there in August so I would fully expect all of this to be smoothed over by then either by new restrictions on freedoms or it just vanishing.


" When you express an opinion our leaders don’t like, they call it violence. When criminals commit acts of actual violence, they call it speech. In other words, the game is rigged.

https://video.foxnews.com/v/6160446042001/?playlist_id=5198073478001 … "

A few days ago I could be arrested for not wearing a facemask and i would receive two minutes of hate... but if I participate in looting, riots and violence, I am 'protesting oppression'.

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The concept of agitators is kind of bizarre.

I very much doubt black protesters are going to upgrade themselves to black rioters because a white boy yells "forward, fellow proletariat!!!"

I also very much doubt that there are professional black agitators.

I think the "agitation" pretty much boils down to guys like umbrella hammer man smashing windows at which point the psychological barrier that prevents looting/arson is gone for anyone that is inclined to loot/burn a store in the first place.

In any case it's a garbage excuse. Civilised people do not teeter on the brink of anarchy waiting for someone to "agitate" them over the line.

Mr Gibbs


Not sure if I 100% agree, but I don't think this is going to have the effect they want. People outside the cities are going to react to this by forming militias, arming up, and preparing for war with dindunuffins and city dwellers. It's also going to massively help Trump and push a lot of white people more towards ethno-nationalism. It also moves non-pozzed whites closer to a wartime mentality.

One can only hope, I can’t log on to my personal Facebook account without seeing every white person I’m friends with taking sides with the people that hate them. Or sharing their clever, unique and empowered opinions that just happen to be exactly what the MSM is pushing whether it be Fox or CNN. “Black guns matter” “I can’t breathe” not a single person has expressed any concern for innocent whites, the rioting is only bad when it happens to non whites. Im not hopeful the majority of people are going to resort to ethno Nationalism. Although I think a few will be forced to. But my sample size is small so who knows.


There are no agitators. It's an excuse to shift the blame away from the rioting.
Sure there are. You can have both: controlled agitators that serve as the initial spark, and the urban thugs to provide the fuel. This can be hard to conceive for those who want to put 100% of the blame for national, orchestrated, well-timed riots purely to black people.