Race riots 2020


Do you think that a random black dude could show up at one of these wineries in your area to learn the ropes with the goal of becoming a winemaker and be well received, or is it just random blabbering of white SJWs who live in 99% white communities trying to impress people on the internet?
There are a fairly decent (but small percentage wise) number of US black owned wineries. They aren't well known, because they are too busy running their business to be marching in the streets/chest puffing online. And their labels reflect the shopping tastes and desires of people who buy wine in order to make a sale. So race isn't on there because no one who really enjoys wine cares, so they look at the label to make a choice based on information that actually matters.


Another Hate Hoax happened. Of course, charges were not pressed.

Good grief, what a loser. Zero discipline; in trying to improve his standing in society, the only action he was willing to take was 25 seconds to be a fake victim. He's in a good university yet is flailing around instead of seizing the opportunity via work. All for attention, because he is a loser and knows he will fail at working instead.


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They will be eaten. I really think people don't understand the scale of what is going on - it will be the greatest biological bottleneck in human history, and there are quite literally only two results:
1. A global slave planet controlled in perpetuality by oligarchs, populated by demoralized, deracinated slaves, ushering in a new age of inescapable servitude with no escape.
2. Defeat of forces that have controlled shit for decades (if you're NatSoc leaning, centuries if you're biblical leaning, or millennium if you're occult leaning), ushering in a new age of prosperity and hope.
Holy crap I thought I was negative


So someone apparently painted "White Lives Matter" on a road in Martinez and not only was it painted over in five seconds flat, the police are now doing a detailed investigation and asking for any local surveillance footage that could help find the "perpetrators".

Meanwhile the people who painted over the BLM message are being charged with a hatecrime.


They should treat Democrat ruled places as occupied territory. Then the pieces fall into place.


In reference to the St. Louis couple losing their guns - if you cannot defend yourself with arms when a mob breaks into your acreage/estate, there there is no longer a rule of law. Just have at 'er. You might as well just light the mob up, because you are going to get charged with something.

I know Jesus said "turn the other cheek." But at least, Orthodoxy says self-defence is okay in most circumstances.
You misunderstand: "turning the other cheek":

Taken in their social context, such commands require neither action. "Resist not evil," which precedes the "cheek" admonition, is a well-known Jewish proverb (Ps. 37:1, 8; Prov. 24:19) and actually means, do not compete with evildoers by trying to outdo them in terms of getting back at them. Three examples for the teaching follow: Turn the other cheek; if someone sues you for your cloak, also give them your tunic; if you are forced to go one mile, go two.

All three of these things refer to what amount to inconvenient, but nevertheless perfectly legal, impositions on the person. The "slap on the cheek" is a type of personal insult, so that the command to turn the other cheek is essentially a command not to start trading insults, but take the higher ground and turn away from the exchange. It is not a license to allow yourself to get beat up.

Note that Jesus said if someone slaps you on your right cheek you are to turn the other to them also:
Jesus says, "You have heard that it was said, 'Eye for eye, and tooth for tooth.' But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also."
Matthew 5:38-39

To be hit on the right cheek usually involves a backhand. Basically being insulted and treated as an inferior. By turning the other cheek one demands to be treated as an equal whilst not cycling in a vengeance escalation:

Turning the other cheek has been misunderstood in Western culture that thought there were only two alternatives—violence or passivity. But since Gandhi and King, we can appreciate Jesus’ teaching better. In Jesus’ culture, “to be struck on the right cheek was to be given a hostile, back-handed insult” with the back of the right hand. In that culture, it was forbidden to touch or strike anyone with the left hand; the left hand was for dirty things (Stassen, Just Peacemaking, 64-65, 68-69). To turn the other cheek was to surprise the insulter, saying, nonviolently, “you are treating me as an unequal, but I need to be treated as an equal.” Jesus is saying: if you are slapped on the cheek of inferiority, turn the cheek of equal dignity (138-139).


You see a lot of security guards working for people that aren't a politically protected class? Mayors, corporate executives, ect?

You're up against the wall as it is simply defending your own property from these lunatics.

What idiot would do it for twenty bucks an hour?

Dogs? Maybe effective but not for long. Soon they'll get a dose of bear mace and that will be that.

You need a neighborhood defense plan. The mob relies on swarm tactics where it's almost impossible to blame any particular person for whatever bad stuff the mob does. Your neighborhood defense plan needs to be the same. Nondescript, disposable clothes. Face coverings. Less than lethal crowd dispersal options and a willingness to crack skulls.

Nothing less is going to be functional.

Those with Combined Arms always beats those without combined arms. Having the airforce, tanks, artillery, communications and so forth in combination with guns. Backed by an extensive logistics arm. Always beats those with just Guns.

Just like historically all-infantry was beat by infantry+archers+horsemen. Even when opposing side had only maximum 30,000 men for example. Plus of course good leadership.

I'm starting to realize that the short term consequences of protecting yourself outweighs the long term consequences of giving the left what it wants(violence from whites). Who cares about preserving America if your not alive to live in it.