Race riots 2020


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I wonder how this will affect the hospitality industry in the affected cities... anyone knows if it's an unusually good deal to get a room at a 5-star hotel in downtown Portland for $166 or a 4-star hotel for $105?

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I just hope that BLM doesn't ransack Miami before I get a chance to visit.

Luckily the Cubans of Miami don't exactly have fond memories of Fidel Castro or communists. Hopefully the younger generations there have inherited this mindset.


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Nothing to see here, folks. It's a White Supremacist who attacked the actor.

Most of those knockout-attacks of blacks against whites are utterly silenced. At best they speak out when some Jewish men get clobbered, but deny that the legion of black hate crimes happen. Moranis fits the bill for what they do - attacking weak-looking old men or women - that is what the lovely black gentlemen do. I never saw a video of a knock-out of a white young chad. (The few attacks there are usually are of black cowards hitting young white men from the back - best with a brick or bat.) Some even mentioned in interviews that they specifically target women and old men, because they are easy prey.

The guy likely did not knwo that it was a once famous actor from the 1980s. He saw just a white face. Maybe the chosen tribe should reconsider wearing a yellow star of david, because to blacks they look awfully white and they cannot tell them apart from the evil christian whites.

Antifa Rioter Currently Burning Down Neighborhood Surprised To Learn Antifa Is Just 'An Idea'




A white Antifa member gets arrested at a "Walk Away" rally for black conservatives. Lots of shouting, pushing, shoving:

"DC Antifa ‘Ringleader’ Jason Charter Arrested Again at #WalkAway Rally — ‘Cried His Eyes Out’ Waiting for Transport to Booking (VIDEO)

Jason Charter, a DC Antifa activist who was previously charged with being a “ringleader” in the attempt to destroy the Andrew Jackson statue in Lafayette Square near the White House in June has been arrested again by DC Park Police.

A source who was at the scene tells the Gateway Pundit that he “cried his eyes out” following the arrest, while waiting for a wagon to transport him to booking..."

Source: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/20...y-cried-eyes-waiting-transport-booking-video/

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When your on the bottom of the SMV Totem Pole (black women), you have to create an unruly movement to get noticed. From Seattle:

Mate there is so much more truth to that statement than many would admit

Black women basically all suffer from major inferiority complexes. I've worked with plenty, both US Blacks Latina Blacks.

It's all 'we wuz kweenz' n shiet' until you ask her out for a drink. From that point onwards she instantly turns into a White male worshipper
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