Race riots 2020

Police Calm Millennial Protesters By Handing Out Participation Trophies




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This goes here?!


The man paid a ridiculously high bond and will still be prosecuted but POC's rush in to scream
"Quick someone take justice into their own hands and murder him"
Imagine thinking paying a bond and bail to a bondsman is slavery and they think they should be let out for free to chimpout further.
N's are so stupid, truly stupid.


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I back the McCloskeys BUT...

What’s with all the former Democrats who suddenly want the protection of the Right when the system starts to eat them up, too?

Note that the ardent Trump fan in Wisconsin who was arrested for “brandishing” a weapon inside his own home was, unlike the McCloskeys, specifically targeted for being a Trump supporter due to an actual Trump flag. His home was surrounded by a mob, much more directly than happened with the McCloskeys.

This guy from Wisconsin is one of our own, not the McCloskeys. He also seems to be working-class, therefore far less able to defend any charges. The McCloskeys, however, boast a home worth north of $1 million and appear to have other substantial assets/wealth.

Again, I support the McCloskeys but no evidence has ever surfaced that they were on our side until they came begging for a way to save themselves.

This man from Milwaukee has been left high and dry.

Like it or not, the McCloskeys are the anti-mob version of the radical feminists who suddenly beseech the Right for help when the pro-tranny brigades call them TERFs and try to ruin their lives. They spend years believing in and advocating for the existence of “rape culture” and other absurdities, and then suddenly act like demure damsels in distress to obtain the assistance of right-leaning men in particular.

I get what he’s doing but I have a blm sign on my window. I don’t feel the need to stir crap up. If I put a trump sign on my window I’d expect it to get smashed