Race riots 2020


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This is such a hilarious article:

Blacks, for example, are invariably the most violent, least intelligent, most destructive, least productive, most narcissistic and least admirable group in any White society unlucky enough to host them. They murder, rape and rob at startlingly high rates and in startlingly unpleasant ways: for three examples among millions, see the Knoxville Horror, the mass gerontophile rapist Delroy Easton Grant, and acid-throwing robbers in London.

And who is to blame for these Black pathologies, according to minority-worship? Whites are, of course. The central dogma of minority-worship is the all-encompassing evil of Whites and the all-suffering saintliness of non-Whites, whose innate genius and gentleness is crushed by racism and White supremacy. It follows, then, that Blacks will flourish when the White jackboot is lifted from their saintly necks, as it was in Haiti after the Haitian Revolution of 1804. Whites were tortured, massacred and expelled, whereupon Haitian Blacks promptly built an advanced Afrocentric utopia that is today the most equal, most peaceful, most technologically advanced and yet most ecologically friendly place on earth. If only Blacks in Britain, America and Europe could cast off their chains and emigrate to Haiti to be “Free at last!” Haiti could topple White tyrannies, of course, but it refuses to use its anti-gravity rays and interstellar space-fleet for anything but peaceful purposes.

Megalomania and malignant narcissism

At least, that’s what Haiti would be like if leftist fantasies about Black genius were true. They aren’t, and the real Haiti is a true monument to the Black capacity for civilization. As even the Guardian admits, it’s a hell-hole of misgovernance, corruption, crime, poverty, disease, superstition and ecological devastation. So is Zimbabwe, another place where saintly Blacks were rescued from evil Whites and allowed to rule themselves. They ended up far worse off, as Blacks always do when leftists liberate them from oppression and injustice. For another example of liberation-into-dystopia, look at the current Black Lives Matter (BLM) hysteria, triggered by media lies about the self-induced death of a thuggish, drug-taking Black criminal called George Floyd. BLM hysteria has sent murder-rates soaring in Black districts all across America. Thousands of young Black men are meeting violent, painful and entirely unnecessary deaths thanks to a movement that claims to place their welfare at the heart of its concerns.

Judge them by their character as MLK said - indeed - lets judge them.


Something else is up. I got some interesting info offline.

Recently a train was stopped in rural Kansas by a black SUV parked across the tracks. A group of people dressed in blac block holding weapon were standing around the vehicle. After the train stopped they piled into the vehicle and drove off. the crew was forced to check the tracks to see if any pins had been pulled from the track and fortunately they did not.

My source was speculating that this was probably a dry run for something. He's thinking that if they stop a train going through a downtown area it would cut off a good number of roads and impede the ability of authorities to respond. It also could be part of preparations for a co-ordinated effort to shut down supply chains after the election.

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The replies to this tweet are great.

People calling out 9News for hiring an unlicensed soiboi as a 'security guard', then letting him kill someone in their name.

The DA probably wishes he could drop charges on this case like all the other peaceful protestors who get arrested. However, the lawsuits against Pinkerton and 9News will be juicy!

Fox31 in Denver is digging into this. I'm surprised to see this level of honest cutthroat competition between local news stations.



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I'll be honest, I try very hard to be charitable but the constant whining from black people is making it hard not to be hateful towards them. I'm someone that's spent a lot of time around black people, be it hanging out with black male friends or coworkers, or dating black women, and even I'm at my wits' end with this shit.

Just logged onto jew-tube to watch something and the first recommended video is about how white women with curly hair are appropriating "black culture" or some shit, meanwhile black women are literally buying Indian women's hair and having it stitched onto their fucking heads, but that's fine.

I can't be the only one whose patience is running out, I'd assume I'm more patient than the average bad-white, but I'm getting pissed off about this for the first time ever. I've been in this space since 2011 and this is the first time I've ever actually felt viscerally pissed off about the bleqs. That's got to mean something. I'd guess the average non-woke white is feeling something similar right about now.
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