Race riots 2020


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Antifa is primarily White? Like those 3 Antifa members who were shot in Kenosha and all happened to be jewish?

Never said they weren't. While I know it is Soros backed, you have stats to prove that the majority of those suckered into Antifa are Jewish? Barely any Jews in Portland, OR for example while SE Wisconsin sits awfully close to the North Shore suburbs of Chicago which has one of the largest concentrations of Jews in America. I think it was a slight exception.
The data scientist exposing US white supremacists: 'This is how you fight Nazis'


A mtf transperson who adores Antifa and hates the Proud Boys... I found it strange how she fled America to live in Germany, to avoid white supremacists... I applaud her work discovering real Neo-Nazis in law enforcement and the military, but she is at the point where she basically sees white supremacy almost everywhere.



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Disorderly conduct sounds like some bullshit charge, but I don't know. Use of a dangerous weapon sounds like a more serious charge, but of course the law will not be applied equally because of ideology.

There's a guy who went to Charlottesville serving 8 years right now for discharging a weapon within 1000 feet of a school because he fired a warning shot at a guy attacking marchers with an improvised flamethrower.


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All that Trump appeasement to blacks got him nothing.

They don't need to register as Republicans, they just need to vote for Republicans. Another 34% registered unaffiliated. It's not hard to imagine that many black people who have heard their whole lives that Republicans are racist may be open minded to voting red but still hesitant to register as a member of the party. Trump isn't going to win the black vote or come anywhere close, but if he can even get 12-15% he wins the election.
Rioting is beginning to turn people off to BLM and protests while Biden has no solution


An opinion piece about how the rioting is largely counter-productive at this point... And how the general public is losing sympathy for their cause...



I think racially Hispanics are the better bet.

There’s a HUGE racial gap between the two and the exclusive focus on black people is irritating some of the other minorities in the “rainbow coalition”. It’s a gap that can potentially be exploited.

If conservatives like ourselves will have any any future in our democratic republic, it will be due to Hispanics. By an large 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation Mexican values significantly overlap with the average Republican, however that may change among younger generations if conservatives don’t strengthen outreach soon.
Probably largely due to BLM & hood folk that perpetuate the stereotypes wreaking havoc on parts of America. But Antifa (primarily white) & funded by j00 know who should be blamed as much for the mess too.
People are getting sick of it all, people who never had a racist thought in their lives are waking up to a new reality. They are going to create the monster they claim is there when it is not.