Race riots 2020


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In this video, Deon Cole says cop cars burning on fire are staged. According to Posobiec, it appears to show anarchists using protests as a mass black bloc to cover for their violent attacks.

Edit. Roosh beat me to it. :DBut I'll leave the above YouTube video up as-is.

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It's now a case of when two crises collide as Floyd had the coof. If the cops test positive, do they still lock them up since the protocol through the entire pandemic has been the opposite?

Now the city council wants to abolish the police force to allow for maximum cultural enrichment.

I guess it doesn't matter since they're banned from parks and schools in the area now.


Around 10 minutes Tucker breaks down the TEN accounts of unarmed black men an women who were killed by Police last year. The facts, stats, and stories are sobering, however they will fall upon deaf ears for people who already have their minds made up.
Tucker Carlson or any cable opinion show is not for people that haven't made up their mind, its for those that have to get angrier and excited and reminding them why they supported the 'right' side.

No one who tunes in to don lemon says "i am open minded about this issue, i wonder what don has to say about this."
The reaction is like an atomic bomb was dropped by a african-american city by a white person. I'm not trying to diminish the crime and I realize there were two other recent events that added to the outrage but this is like the day after 9/11.

Leonard D Neubache

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The left has lately been telling us that property damage isn't violence.
The very same people that have been committing "self defence" often pre-emptively against "hatespeech", which they claim is violence.

There can be no dialogue with the criminally insane.

The future for America if there is one lies in militant christian orders. Christians only. Warriors and support only. It's the only combination that has any chance against (((subversion))) and any chance of long term survival under anything but gruelling oppression.
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I did a 10 minute project tonight over dinner. I would post the actual numbers, but it would be nauseating and most here know the score already.

So, I did the math before, and assuming the races stick to their voting trends from 2016 (which I don't see much change in the trends anyways) combined with what the 2030 demographic projections will be, it is completely OVER for non-leftist whites in America in the next 10 years.

2030 USA: AOC as president, with a S. Africa-esque situation where whites will not just be the minority, but a HATED and HUNTED minority.

Better get familiar with Wyoming or start learning Faroese, unless a small miracle occurs.

Amazing the amount of Leftists among peach people. Never met another race so hell bent on their own destruction.

Or maybe, just maybe the white shitlibs see the writing on the wall and have the, "if you can't beat em, join em" mentality in hopes of them being spared?
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Well, Roosh banned El Chinito Loco, which I think was a big mistake, because he was simply saying what the general chinese view of blacks i.

I'll agree quite with the asian view.

If Trump doesn't crack down in the next 24 hours, the US is lost. There will no longer be rule of law.

I also don't believe for a second that the US will devolve into white ethnostates or secession or any such thing. It will turn quickly and almost instantly into a jewish dictator state run by Orcasio-Cortez, whites dragged out, robbed, raped and killed by rapid packs of blacks and other minorities, while non-whites will force themselves into every public office.

Whites will be put to work for as long as they can, just like in South Africa. It will probably eventually fail, if nothing else, when Europe descends into civil war as well. The problem is that the US, now led by non-white communists, will probably then nuke Europe.

So as to sum up, unless Trump puts the fear of god in the unholy demon mob of blackmen and shemen, then whites are done, our time here is over and the future will descend into a middle age of poverty, where jews will rule, happy like a pig in shit.
Dude. Chill out.

I've really respected your posts here in years past but this is just way out of line and unnecessary.

The US is at present considerably majority white. The black population, which I checked yesterday out of curiosity, currently stands at 12%. Read that again, 12%. The scenario you describe might have worked if the elites waited another 20 or even 30 years. Many of us thought this would be the case. Apparently not. The fact that this is all happening now is a good thing. At least better than if it occurred in a couple decades.

Like you say, the Chinese are far more racist than most whites. This is true for most Asians, Hispanics, Indians, etc. All these people see what's happening now, and it feeds their anger and racism even more. I don't blame them. But at the same time when you look at the numbers, the vast majority of the country is quietly turning against the black community, and honestly I feel sorry for blacks because of it. It's a setup. The only thing that is saving them from complete banishment and isolation is a bunch of brainwashed whites and the state. Once those are gone, blacks are screwed.

I'm not sure what the play of all this is or what will happen. But your particular scenario is quite unlikely. So I post this meme with your best interests at heart:

This could easily be posted in Clown World:

Turns out George Floyd was a pornstar...
Now don't go searching for the vid as this is a Christian Forum. However, this knowledge does add a different dynamic to the entire situation. The more I consider "Blackout Tuesday" the more I wonder what it is that they want hidden. (David Dorn, 77 year old murdered by looters.)

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Max Roscoe

The US is at present considerably majority white.
While the post above is hyperbole, the US is only 59% white, and at current rates will be majority nonwhite in 23 years.
The end result will be a Brazil or a South Africa. I think this will probably be many decades in the future, possibly after we are all dead and gone, but the events of the last couple of months show how things don't always follow normal, predictable, static trends, and it certainly could be accelerated. And in my brief experiences in South Africa, in only two limited parts of the country, I found the African blacks to be more peaceful and stable than the more violent western Africans that were sent here for the slave trade.

However, I do think we will have another few years of false prosperity before things become grim.


This could easily be posted in Clown World:

Turns out George Floyd was a pornstar...
Now don't go searching for the vid as this is a Christian Forum. However, this knowledge does add a different dynamic to the entire situation.

yeah some white nationalist groups I'm in already uncovered that unfortunately.
African Americans as a group can only be used to protest, riot or loot. Once you start talking about organizing and creating raiding groups you've lost the plot. These protests will die down eventually, of that there is no doubt because despite the money antifa and others are getting the majority of useless idiots have an attention span of a gnat and will be on to something else in a few weeks. This operation is meant to further divide the American population. Its working perfectly. African Americans live in the majority of major cities and the ghettos are only a few miles from most city centers or even less. Get whitey to be terrified of Blacks thus avoiding the city like a plague and heading to the suburbs or red states (the ones that are left.) As for as AA go nothing will change in the hoods because police brutality is not the main problem. This is why USA will never turn into South Africa. To many whites are armed and trained for that to happen. Plus the elites are playing the long game with white youth, the most die hard trump fans are usually older whites, the younger ones have been indoctrinated (not all but alot). This is only another chapter in getting at the youth and making them take a side against legacy and tradition because "how could you not feel something watching this?".


MLK was a smart guy? Bruh...
“ MLK was little more than a convenient avatar, a ventriloquist dummy through which his Jewish puppet master, Stanley David Levison, waged war against his host nation. Levison influenced King to the point of ordering him to say nothing without his prior approval”

“Remembering Martin Luther King jr”

“Sealed FBI audio tapes allege Martin Luther King Jr. had affairs with 40 women and watched while a friend raped a woman, a report claims”

“Martin Luther King Jr ‘watched and laughed’ as woman was raped, secret FBI recordings allege”

He also plagiarized his doctorate and the man never wrote a single one of his speeches.
But this is a powerful example of modern day America. He was a degenerate scum bag Communist who was lead by his puppet master Stanley Levison and none of the matters because of civil rights and the prevailing narrative, “if they ain’t white they right” (I just made that up)
And think about this after reading these articles and realizing an entirely false narrative was spun to lionize this disgusting underserved man what else is being lied about? MLK Shares the rare honor of having a national holiday with 2 other men George Washington the father of the US on Presidents’ Day and Jesus Christ at Christmas. How did he get that spot? Why does nobody care about this information? Seems very relevant to today
Character Assassination 101

-Voting Rights Act of 1965- Gave Blacks the right to vote
-Civil Rights Act of 1964- Banned discrimination in employment and public accommodations.
-Labor Rights- Fought for workers to get better wages and to stop employers from exploiting them.

^^^^^ How are these bad things? Those are really good things if you ask me. These things go into the "duh" category for me. Of course we shouldn't discriminate, of course employers shouldn't exploit their workers, and of course all Americans should be able to vote in America. Now if you disagree with that, then I really question your values that you are trying to spout in this post.

He was a degenerate scum bag Communist
There you go!! "He was a leftist, therefore he is wrong by definition." So even though MLK had an amazing legacy where he fought for equal rights, voting rights, workers rights, strong unions, a living wage, no no no, he's a leftist and evil, therefore I don't like him. He's bad, he's evil, evil leftist. Bad! This is the anatomy of a smear with no real basis of backing up your claim.

“Sealed FBI audio tapes allege Martin Luther King Jr. had affairs with 40 women and watched while a friend raped a woman, a report claims”
Frankly, I don't care what MLK did with his dick! :squintlol:.

If you are out there fighting for the rights of Americans, the little guy, and the forgotten man then you have earned my respect. What he did in his personal life is none of my business.

Its funny also how you cite the CIA and FBI as your sources for these claims. You're talking about the same CIA and FBI who are most known for overthrowing foreign governments and implementing fascist dictator puppets that serve U.S corporate interests. The CIA and FBI in modern history has done torture, sleep deprivation, hypothermia torture, mock burials, threatening to rape and kill family members and tactics that they got directly from a Chinese communist manifesto on how to torture. That's the CIA. Also the FBI sent a letter to MLK trying to convince him to commit suicide. So according to you, the "moral" and "pure" CIA and FBI should be trusted when they say "Gee this MLK is an immoral man, he banged 40 women while he was married, he's a horrible person," please spare me your nonsense.

Ever notice how a lot of you guys don't use these kind of smears against Trump? A story came out a while ago where Donald Trump paid a pornstar in Stormy Daniels to keep quiet an affair that they had. What about the "I grab them by the pussy, I don't even wait" comment he made? That's literally an admission of sexual assault. So you have a guy who clearly and obviously represents the opposite of the so called "wholesome family values" that many of you say you believe in, but you don't mention it in the case of Trump, BUT you do mention it in the case of MLK. So when there is a gaint failing based on your own standards (family values, christian values, moral values) of your own daddy Trump, :zipped: crickets. But when it comes to actual people who make a difference in peoples lives in MLK, character assassination. Again, I can care less about what Trump does with his dick, because all I care about is the issues, I'm just calling out your hypocrisy.

To conclude you attack MLK's character to try to undermine his ideology which was incredibly popular among the American populace, that even conservatives can't deny it anymore so much so that they are even trying to claim him as their own, "MLK was actually a Republican :rolleyes:."

Whether you like it or not, MLK will go down as one of the biggest patriots this country has ever had, a great American and very deserving of a national holiday. You just can't wrap your head around it because he's was a leftist. Sad! That's why politics is in a sad state of affair right now.
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Max Roscoe

This is why USA will never turn into South Africa. To many whites are armed and trained for that to happen.
The South Africans were heavily armed. Firstly, there was high participation in the armed forces, as the nation was under constant attack from its neighbors. Secondly, they had strong organized militia groups, both independent commando units and Citizen Force Regiments. They had organization, training, weaponry, and equipment. The Rhodesian Light Infantry was known as the most effective man for man fighting force of its time, and developed its own equipment and techniques, including the Fireforce operation, which was similar to a mini-blitzkrieg. Oh and the SA forces were successfully integrated; they weren't klan members with guns.

The South Africans developed the Ratel, or honey badger, a unique armed infantry vehicle that was used regularly in street protests and battles and is still in use today throughout the world by foreign militaries. They designed, built, and maintained every part of every system they needed, because they could not afford to rely on the outside world, who eventually all boycotted them. So they were experts at design and maintenance, and understood every facet of the weaponry and equipment they were using (they also developed nuclear energy and nuclear weapons, and performed the world's first ever heart transplant, and would be a minor superpower today if they continued on their trajectory).

But weaponry and armaments are a poor predictor of who will win military confrontations. The French Army in the 1930s was the most powerful in the world, and the German blitzkrieg rolled over them in a matter of weeks. And besides, the likelihood of all out combat is extremely low. While there may be a few small skirmishes, the days of large scale battles pretty much ended in 1944, and the takeover of the US will be (or many would say has been) accomplished through political and covert means, not who can outshoot the other guy.

By the way, the whites in South Africa were allowed to keep their arms, just as the whites in America will.