Race riots 2020

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to South Africa, I looked up the number, the percentage of whites peaked at 19% in the early/mid 1900s then declined to 9% with the black population growing very fast.
I stand corrected. According to the censi through the years the percentage Whites peaked in 1911 with 22.7 percent of the population being White

The latest census was in 2019 stating that 7.9 percent of the population is White

I was quite sure I read that somewhere on the Internet but apparantly my mind messed up


The 1900 South African data would have come from the new Union of South Africa which came about after the Boer War when the British colonies and Boer Republics were unified.

The Boers used to be the majority in these republics because the native African was the san bushman and the Boers had to migrate well into Africa before they met the Zulu. Most of South Africa’s black tribes of today descend from migrants from West Africa. The group which reproduced the fastest was the Cape Coloreds from the early Dutch men so those who see the US with a Brazilian future do have a point
It's not that it "can't happen here" considering how all politicians red or blue are bought and paid for anything is possible. However given the information that's been posted about South Africa I am still not convinced that this landscape will be the same as that. But everyone is free to have their own opinion. A type of soft self segregation has been innplace since the end of jim crow and I only see that increasing over time. Despite the Civil rights movement how many blacks are in positions of power all over the country, few compared to whites and how much has that changed since say the the 1990s? Now before you mention Obama, let's keep in mind he was a figure head that passed many policies that actually hurt the African American community. Woke black people know this while others are happy they got a free phone.


There’s one other major consideration.

the US isn’t South Africa Geographically. It’s about 12% of the size and does NOT have the same variety of isolated, difficult terrain features. It also doesn’t have a situation where blacks inside the cities are also dealing with another racial minority that hates them.

A better comparison for sectarian warfare is Afghanistan which has a similar tribal/racial component in play (most people don’t know about this) and there the entire country outside of major cities basically belongs uncontested to the insurgents.


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Clown lives up to the mask.

Man Who Wore ‘Joker’ Mask Allegedly Set Fire to Chicago Police Car

A man is facing federal charges after he allegedly set fire to a Chicago Police Department car — all while wearing a Joker mask, which partially obscured his face.
Investigators were able to identify O’Donnell based on the word “PRETTY” tattooed on his neck, according to federal prosecutors.



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Soycialist media would prefer that a white guy was dead instead of druggie criminal George Floyd.

They'll make sure your white name is known to boost the chance of reprisal attacks if you defend yourself.

Shameless: CBS News ratchets up the tension with headline noting that white bar owner won’t face charges for shooting black protester

James Scurlock, 22, was killed by Jacob Gardner, the owner of the Hive Bar and Gatsby Bar in Omaha’s Old Market neighborhood around midnight Saturday in the midst of protests against police brutality and George Floyd’s death.
The Douglas County Attorney’s Office determined Gardner acted in self-defense after interviewing the shooter and reviewing videos of the incident.

A grainy surveillance video of the shooting, played during the briefing, shows that Gardner backed up and pointed a gun after two people tackled him in the street. He initially fired two shots into the air that did not hit anyone.
After Scurlock jumped on his back, Gardner can be heard saying “get off me” many times before fatally shooting Scurlock once in the clavicle, Kleine said. Scurlock was taken to a local hospital where he died from his injuries.
“Mr. Gardner, as we know now, has said, ‘I did what I did to defend myself,’ and we find that we can’t disprove that from the evidence that we have,” Kleine said. In response to outrage on social media, Kleine added that there was not any “racial tone” to the conversations between Scurlock and Gardner.



They're citing some "Network Contagion Research Institute".

I looked at their leadership. Anyone want to make a wild guess about the people who run it?

Character Assassination 101

-Voting Rights Act of 1965- Gave Blacks the right to vote
-Civil Rights Act of 1964- Banned discrimination in employment and public accommodations.
-Labor Rights- Fought for workers to get better wages and to stop employers from exploiting them.

^^^^^ How are these bad things? Those are really good things if you ask me. These things go into the "duh" category for me. Of course we shouldn't discriminate, of course employers shouldn't exploit their workers, and of course all Americans should be able to vote in America. Now if you disagree with that, then I really question your values that you are trying to spout in this post.

There you go!! "He was a leftist, therefore he is wrong by definition." So even though MLK had an amazing legacy where he fought for equal rights, voting rights, workers rights, strong unions, a living wage, no no no, he's a leftist and evil, therefore I don't like him. He's bad, he's evil, evil leftist. Bad! This is the anatomy of a smear with no real basis of backing up your claim.

Frankly, I don't care what MLK did with his dick! :squintlol:.

If you are out there fighting for the rights of Americans, the little guy, and the forgotten man then you have earned my respect. What he did in his personal life is none of my business.

Its funny also how you cite the CIA and FBI as your sources for these claims. You're talking about the same CIA and FBI who are most known for overthrowing foreign governments and implementing fascist dictator puppets that serve U.S corporate interests. The CIA and FBI in modern history has done torture, sleep deprivation, hypothermia torture, mock burials, threatening to rape and kill family members and tactics that they got directly from a Chinese communist manifesto on how to torture. That's the CIA. Also the FBI sent a letter to MLK trying to convince him to commit suicide. So according to you, the "moral" and "pure" CIA and FBI should be trusted when they say "Gee this MLK is an immoral man, he banged 40 women while he was married, he's a horrible person," please spare me your nonsense.

Ever notice how a lot of you guys don't use these kind of smears against Trump? A story came out a while ago where Donald Trump paid a pornstar in Stormy Daniels to keep quiet an affair that they had. What about the "I grab them by the pussy, I don't even wait" comment he made? That's literally an admission of sexual assault. So you have a guy who clearly and obviously represents the opposite of the so called "wholesome family values" that many of you say you believe in, but you don't mention it in the case of Trump, BUT you do mention it in the case of MLK. So when there is a gaint failing based on your own standards (family values, christian values, moral values) of your own daddy Trump, :zipped: crickets. But when it comes to actual people who make a difference in peoples lives in MLK, character assassination. Again, I can care less about what Trump does with his dick, because all I care about is the issues, I'm just calling out your hypocrisy.

To conclude you attack MLK's character to try to undermine his ideology which was incredibly popular among the American populace, that even conservatives can't deny it anymore so much so that they are even trying to claim him as their own, "MLK was actually a Republican :rolleyes:."

Whether you like it or not, MLK will go down as one of the biggest patriots this country has ever had, a great American and very deserving of a national holiday. You just can't wrap your head around it because he's was a leftist. Sad! That's why politics is in a sad state of affair right now.
How did these actions influence what we are seeing today? That is one way to evaluate them. I don't know myself.
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Yes, 2024 onwards and the presidency is theirs.

Unless there is secession, there'll be a hispanic majority, so the US will become an extension of Latin America. But the legacy of anti-white hatred won;t go away.

But since the Brazilian Real or Mexican Peso cannot be the global reserve currency, there would also be a Zimbabwean hyperinflation/monetary collapse scenario when the global demand for the dollar dries up. US would probably try to go to war at that stage.

The irony is that NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS, secession, brazilification, international white flight, blacks in america will be worse off. Hispanics don't care. The white guilt gravy train will dry up.

They had the possibility of living in a 90/10 split in a highly advanced economy with whites AND have whites actively discriminated against in education and employment. What a sweet deal. And they completely blew it.


'Agitators behind the rioting that has paralyzed the country over the past week want to move into more suburban areas, a government intelligence source has told Fox News."