Race Riots 2021


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For a minute there, I thought she was Steve Urkel.



This scene comes to mind. I always thought the scene was odd and out of place, but by now I've heard enough Jay Dyer talks to know that these scenes don't get into movies by accident.

While im obviously in favor of seeing antifa/blm face justice for their violent unrest, i see laws like this as more of a threat to regular people. Such as in other states where covid protests are squashed while floyd rituals are permitted indefinitely.

Not to blackpill, but the only thing thats encouraging about such rules is that a sane and conservative man is governing the state. And that could certainly change in the future. Nationally, there are already plenty of laws against rioting etc, that nowadays only get enforced in select cases (such as against whites).

That said, based on the bullet points above, the specifics of this legislation does seem to target the particular tactics of soros's minions, and there may be some benefit from that. Although i dont think florida was really getting destroyed the way many other areas were, aside from spring break jogging.



Fat black woman: “I don’t want to say we need to start killing all white folks..... But... maybe they need to feel the pain and hurt"

A lot of the anger they express is purely created by the media and the establishment. There are 18 unarmed blacks killed each year - most of the cases are sort of justified with them trying to grab a gun. The few cases of unarmed black killings are few and far in between. The cases of unarmed whites being killed are easily much higher, but even then - it's not worth to raise a hussle over since it's likely below 40 in a huge-ass well-armed country. Blacks should fear getting struck by lightning more than being killed by cops.

But you just know that things will become worse and worse in the coming times - every little thug being killed will result in more violence. And I wonder how the country will look like when whites are 30% of the population and gun-ownership is more restricted? The way things are progressing then looking like Brazil in 2050 will mean that the US is lucky.

It's only good that mobility will go tremendously in the coming times as the green-electric hell will make it much harder for them to come over to the green districts, but you still will have to afford to live there.


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The Patriot Act is a good example how these laws appear to crack down on a problem group, but then are repurposed and aimed at normal Americans once emotions cool. After the "violent terrorist insurrection" I'm skeptical of any law, regulation, or executive order that could also prevent us from protesting.