Racial Unity- Adolf Hitler Speech ( give your thoughts)



The discussion , besides political, geopolitical and social background, should also be held and analysed on a religious level too .
I think God put us on this earth with distinct characteristics to survive at that given place. So Africans are better capable of living in African circumstances, Thai in Thailand, Swedes in Sweden. There is no reason to mess that up by mixing everything, one could say the tower of Babel is an example where God shattered the peoples to live in groups instead of forming one unity, although pride and superseding God was a core argument in this too of course. Just the whole idea of migration and racial mixing nowadays is obviously just a weapon by the elite to weaken the stronger European and American populations, who happen to be white. There's no benign argument there for why this is happening. So one could say that the traditional, family approach with also liking your own group which is actually to be seen as an extended form as the family, your local or national community, is a good thing. However we are also all created in the likeness and image of God, hence the idea of races who are superior to one another combined with killing them can't be jusitified in light of the Bible. I assume the core message God has given us is to live together peacefully in groups and where possible and necessary reach out to other groups too, as we are all children of God, but not necessarily mixing neither killing each other for perceived differences.