Racist tweets by Cambridge University Professor Priyamvada Gopal


I've seen a few commercials recently featuring a cold Indian wife and her dummy white husband. Who is supposed to find this appealing or make them buy car insurance? I don't get it.



Some other interesting stuff she's said. Woke WoCs are all white worshippers, the most bitter of them just angry that Chad didn't swipe right:

Damn it! You and everyone else beat me to the punch.

I am really tempted to start a thread "When a Marxist Women of Color bashes White men, she secretly longs for Chad".

Other definite examples:
Ilhan Omar
Sarah Jeong
Linda Sarsour

Other probable examples:
Rashida Talib
Maybe AOC - the weird thing is that she's actually white.
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I don't think a secularist Doolittle society has the basis to last, and Propertarianism seems about as likely to be the basis for society as libertarianism, but Mark does excel at distilling problems into punchy soundbites that make you go "ah, never quite thought of it that way."
Yeah, Doolittle’s militant atheism is the biggest Achilles’ Heel in the entire system. That will have to go.