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Regarding Nipsey Hussle:

Rapper Meek Mill wrote: "Broke me.... we really fighting for our lives against our own kind and really have to take risk and match the level of hatred that we are born in.. I’m tired... prayers for my brother and his family."

Suspect is a black guy. I was reading the story this morning waiting for the fake news angle (e.g. some sort of Jussie Smollett backlash). This story will evaporate unless it can be contorted into the narrative.

I understand Nipsey was a Crip. As they say, “blood in blood out.” Somehow I imagine he was still supporting his alma matter, despite the window dressing of providing charitable outlets as an alternative to gangs. These hip hop stars with past connections to gangs are probably walking targets, especially if they don’t provide the right tribute to their gang.

I’m a white dude with no real understanding of rap, so these are just my thoughts from the bathroom this morning.

The theory of neck tattoos is valid because lots of gang bangers have them. Theory probably holds even more true for face tattoos. Wonder how many dudes with teardrop tattoos by their eyes met an early grave.


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lex the impaler said:
RIP Nipsey Hustle

RIP to Nip. The guy channeled an old, classic energy that we used to get in the form of legendary California rappers such as Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg (back when he was in his prime).

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Who listens to Drugrixh Hect (or RX Hect)? His mixtape Hector Vol. 1 is really a work of art and I've been playing it for a while now.

My favorites -



I found Manafest last night, at work. He is a Christian rapper out of Ont. He does a bit more rock vocals now, but this is one of his hip-hop #s: