Other Rasputin


Yeah, it was just Bolsheviks propaganda. An interesting development is that actually such propaganda is now produced by the woke western corporations though (the mass media entertainment complex), depicting Rasputin as an evil villain. Why would they do this? This actually gives credibility to the theory that these woke western corporations are marching arm in arm with the commies. And apparently it is profitable for some people that Rasputin would be slandered, even more than 100 years after his death.

I think that the commies were against the Russian Orthodox, not against the capitalists in particular. The commies killed the Royal Family, but then they attempt to put the blame on Rasputin instead.

You can see woke corporatism all over.

Commies and Capitalists are 2 heads of the same evil beast. They are both controlled by the Jews.


That's fair.

The title of my post is perhaps hyperbolic, but historiographically it is difficult to isolate what's true about Rasputin.
It may be hard to tell from what’s reported, but the look on a man’s face says a lot about him. His physiognomy certainly suggests, at least to me, that the truth points in a particular direction.