Read the gospels for Lent


I started a thread last year to do a New Testament readthrough, which I dropped the ball on after losing my study Bible. I now have a copy of the Word of Fire gospels, which is a gorgeous book. I was thinking of reading through the four gospels for Lent, if anyone would like to join and discuss here. Catholic Lent started February 17, Orthodox Lent won't even start until Catholic Lent is half over, so that complicates things a little, personally though I'm ready to start now and catch up and the Orthodox among you interested will hopefully not mind starting a little early?

Here's an example reading schedule:
I did this for Advent a couple years ago (2019) and would highly recommend it. I started with John because that was the Gospel I was least familiar with and then went on to the synoptics. Continued right through the remainder of the New Testament after doing that. Right now I'm trying to get through the portions of the OT I haven't read before (which is a pretty significant chunk of it), so I may not join you this time around, but will keep an eye on the thread.

I recommend doing 1-2 chapters when you wake up before starting your day and another chapter or two before going to bed. Keeping it to a small amount helps you better digest what you read and prevents you from mentally glossing over it. Also is a great way to prepare you for the day and to calm your mind before sleep.


I actually started reading about a chapter a day of the New Testament starting lent. I wish I could catch up with the schedule you posted! If I were reading the Bible from a regular non-study Bible, I’m sure I would be by chapter 20 by now... however, I am reading THE authoritative version of the douay rheims Bible (Haydock edition) with extensive study notes. I feel like the notes are longer than the chapter themselves, which is completely fine with me because it truly feels like a priest is explaining every verse to me. I prefer this to reading the Bible with little to no notes at all. I’m already a slow reader as it is, but I will try my best to read more than a chapter a day.

If anyone is interested in the haydock version of the douay Reims: