Real estate decline 2020


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I live in a blue city. A lot of people want out of the downtown area due to the riots and the ongoing mismanagement by our diminutive mayor. A friend's former coworker put his house on the market for the heck of it, just to see what he could get. He lives outside the riot zone in a solid middle class area. He had multiple offers. He and his wife sold it in a week for $28K more than the asking price!

My sister and brother in law live out west now but kept their house here and rent it out. My brother in law told me has had a few calls from realtors asking if he is interested in selling. Without the restaurants, stores and other amenities, in addition to working from home, many people see no reason to stay in a high rise in the city center if you are not allowed to go anywhere. Add to that, the mayor and our governor keep talking about the new normal and things being like this for the next year... people have had enough and want out.


What a joke a once-great American city has become. It will only get worse

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Wouldn't Queen Elizabeth 2 or Weirdo Prince Charles just take the money ?

No, it goes back to the province, the same way that stumpage and mining royalties do now. However, there is an interesting deed holdover from Canada's colonial times on a lot of private land in Ontario. That is, that if you have white pine trees on your land, you cannot cut them, they are property of the crown. The reason is that Canada supplied white pine for the masts of the british navy and it was a permanent thing in the deeds so the government can just come buy and saw down your white pine whenever it wants.


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Wouldn't Queen Elizabeth 2 or Weirdo Prince Charles just take the money ?

Tell em to come try. By the time we get the balls to do it, our Guv General will be a one legged albino midget lesbian that we can ship over in a pet crate. And the US would rather see a land management system similar to their anyways, so perhaps they won't still hate us and might lend us a hand.