Real life "The Denouncer"

I started at the company a little over a year ago as a sales manager. I have 15 years of sales experience with 8 years of it in management. Needless to say, I was qualified for the job. In fact, they begged me to join them.

Upon arriving, I learned a lot about the internal culture of the company. Let's just say that everyone is very special there and needs to be reminded as such. This was dumb in my eyes, but hey, they are stacking paper so I went with it. After a while I began to get to know people better and share more of our personal life with each other. One of my team members was a veteran like myself, and we became closer. We would talk about what we did in our free time and such. It came out that I am quite the avid outdoorsman and that I love to hunt and shoot. My veteran coworker thought that was cool and asked me to take them to the range with me. I did, and we had a tone of fun. However, a few days later I got pulled aside by HR. One of the other employees heard us talking about it, and it made her SJW heart feel uncomfortable knowing that people who play with weapons of war work with her. I was informed that the company looks down upon expressions of violence and that I should keep that to myself. They also reiterated to me that they did not allow weapons on site, even though I have an LTC. I knew this and confirmed that I had never carried there. I sucked it up and told them I'd keep my personal life quiet.

I thought all was fine and dandy until I applied for a promotion. My measurable metrics were the highest at the site, and I figured I was a shoe in for it as I had more experience than any two other employees combined. I was promptly turned down for the promotion without ever even making it to the interview round. This continued to happen time after time. I thought this was odd and voiced my displeasure to a few coworkers. At one point, while speaking to my veteran friend about it, the SJW girl overheard us speaking about it. She cried out that if we weren't blood thirsty fascists, maybe we would get further in the company. This angered me that she would say that to us, and I went to our HR about it. The chastised me and marked that I was trying to retaliate for her getting me in trouble. They also informed me that I would need to remove the HK and Browning stickers from my car if I wanted to keep parking on company property.

I resigned a few days later. Now that I have walked away from the company, I couldn't be happier.
Less dramatic but the same moral of the story.
I once made some innocuous joke about race with another dude at work and next thing I knew I was pulled aside and given a verbal warning. Apparently this one fat bitch overheard us and complained. The funny thing is up until that point she was super friendly with me and laughed along with us.

One of my main culture shocks after moving to the West was the normalization of snitching and people not minding their damn business.


Even in my brief working life, it is surprising how many truly miserable people I have come across, many with little Napoleon complexes to boot. Stick a badge on them and give them a title and they suddenly believe that they hold moral authority over everyone and shouldn't be questioned, despite not possessing the ability to lead a pig to shit.