Recently divorced friend getting back into dating

As a Catholic, I would say stay celibate for the rest of your life ;)

This gym talk is a bit of a two-edged sword. It can indeed literally "replace" religion. One tends to become prideful and seek recognition by working out (mostly from roided up fellow gym bros). Let us not forget, too, all the hot and sweaty, skimpily dressed women that leave nothing to the imagination, thus triggering lustful thoughts. However, I think sport in general is essential to a good life.

A law school student is probably the biggest red flag one can have. She will want a career, will be bitchy and potentially dominant, and will only get two kids max.

I think that in these times a dating site specifically for Christians can be an option. It can be emotionally draining like all the other dating sites. But you will come over many women that want to be a traditional wife and believe in Christ. One has to be beware of the fake Christian types, though, that populate these sites.
Additionally, if he is really keen on having a wife (or loads of women, which I obviously do not recommend) pretty fast, he should just go to some poorer country. They will be drooling for a Western man. But this can cause other problems, too, such as exploitation of money/ressources and lack of respect for the husband, if he is not dominant.
I do not know how religious he is, but if he goes to church regularly, there might be some events going on there. In most Catholic chuches in Germany the average age of women is about 50-80. But this may be different in the US.

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Make sure he has some reasonably new clothes that fit after he's lost the weight. Just make sure he isn't slovenly.
Bold for emphasis.

Clothes too small and it looks like you're trying to capture your youth. Clothes too big and it looks like you're borrowing your older brother's stuff.

A sport coat or blazer and some nice slacks and shoes can make you look and feel like a million bucks. Depending on his physique, a stop at a Goodwill or Salvation Army can find a variety of clothes at a deep discount while he finds his style. If there's a Burlington or TJ Maxx or similar store around, even better.

While they're timeless, those clothes above need to fit well. A tailor can lengthen or shorten sleeves easy and for a reasonable price.

* Pro Tip, if you look in an inside pocket of a blazer, suit coat, or sport coat, there will be a tag indicating the size (40R, 44L, 50S). Make sure the jacket fits and that there's also enough fabric in the sleeve (if it needs to be lengthened).



Dating a female lawyer is not a good idea.

I am very glad to hear he's made some improvements in his life, but this most definitely isn't one of them. He needs to cut and run - unless maybe she's failing law school and about to drop out. If she realizes she doesn't have the masculine brain required to perform as a lawyer, there could be hope for her fertility and femininity. Chances are she won't do that though - and will graduate middle of the pack from an ordinary school with less than spectacular job prospects and stratospheric student loan debt.

Has he considered the possibility she is planning on making him a student loan repayment sugar daddy? Please tell me he didn't let her move in to "save rent" while she's a student.

Law ruins women - utterly. This cannot be overstated - the rates of divorce, alcoholism and substance abuse are high enough for male lawyers, so you can imagine what that combo plus father time does for female lawyers.


The job of a lawyer itself at its most fundamental level is the job of mercenary arguing. The lawyer's job at times is either to deliberately muddy the moral clarity of justice, to help the unjust go free, to pray upon true victims of injustice for profit, to flatter, and to put on a show of moral outrage. They are a class, by and large, of parasites and leeches. This is law in its essence.

The lawyer's job is to argue that the child molester is mentally ill and should be "treated" rather than punished. The lawyer's job is to argue that the intangible suffering of being in a car wreck is worth millions of dollars which should be split with him/her.

To find a woman who simultaneously wishes to do this professionally while also desiring to live in full submission to her husband is beyond the point of simply being rare. It is virtually an impossibility, barring the possibility that a practicing female attorney radically converts to Christ as an adult and seeks to make the best of the situation.