Recommend a live linux version with good hardware compatibility (for a MacBook)

Max Roscoe

I'm looking for a version of Linux that has the best hardware compatibility in a live USB, that I can run on my MacBook.

I have used linux occasionally for years. I really like having a version of it on a small USB live boot that I can load up and run.
I am doing a good bit of Zoom meetings and frankly do not want to install the Zoom software onto my primary pc--I've just read too many unsettling things about it, and any commercial software which is free but not open source makes me suspicious.

So I'd prefer to run linux off a live usb boot, install the linux version of Zoom, and then since it's a live boot, there's no persistent software that I don't trust remaining on my system.

I've tried about a dozen versions over the last week and none of them support the macbook's camera, so I can audio chat only, but not video. I'm at least intermediate with Linux skills (I used to run a vdr machine as a dedicated DVR) but I can't get the camera to work, even following instructions here. Is there any chance there's a live linux install that will already have the camera drivers supported, without me having to run some complex configuration setup, or am I asking too much of a live boot linux system?
Using a VM is probably your best bet, but outside of that, every distro of Ubuntu I've used has worked pretty well with my machines. When inevitably something doesn't work correctly, there has always been a fix I could find. Try Lubuntu!

Max Roscoe

Lubuntu worked! Great advice, even if it's odd since regular Ubuntu did not, and Lubuntu = "Lite" Ubuntu
My only pet peeve is there is no shortcut to the terminal in the bar along the bottom, but there's probably a way to fix that.