Recommendations on types of tea to try


Hi everyone,
I have been getting away from coffee and carbonated drinker and I have been exclusively drinking tea and water. Does anyone have suggestions on types of tea or brewing methods that can add variety? I am somewhat adventurous in my willingness to try new flavors but I am not sure how to branch out or where to start. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!


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Honestly just get a bag of lipton and throw a few cardamom with it in the teapot, you don't even need any sugar or milk nothing beats it. If you want to get a little fancy find an ethnic store or go online and get a box of the swan stuff, all the fancy tea variants and all that stuff that goes with it doesn't compare to just regular boater tea.


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I'm far from a connoisseur, but I'd suggest looking for a coffee house that's independently run if you want to try out some tea - the trendy one I went to in the last city I lived in had at least forty different really good teas to choose from. These sadly tend to cater to a hippie crowd, but if you're comfortable seeing a bunch of "love is love!" and "borders are all imaginary!" stuff plastered all over the walls, you can try some killer tea.

Outside of the city - no idea where to even begin when it comes to finding a place like that. Past that, I don't even know much about teas past some names I'd remember if I thought hard enough.

As for materials you need, I'd suggest getting an electric kettle with an internal thermometer if you want to get serious about making sure your water's always at the correct temperature.


You can buy tea online from anywhere in the world. However, I just go on whatever big website usually. Republic of Tea is one for whole leaf. Then I load up. Tea's cheap so I don't mind getting whatever catches my eye, although I often get a gunpowder green tea since it's an easy go to variety. Oolong, black, white, herbal. Try a few.

For teas and coffee, you can learn a lot about the process and the many ways of making it (or how it's made before it gets to you). However, I'm a simple man: I put the stuff in hot water and drink it. If it tastes good, I'm good. :)


Twinings “Lady Grey” and “Chai” are my favorites. Lady Grey is a lighter version of Earl Grey with a touch of lemon and Chai is more of a spiced cinnamon, ginger, and cardamom tea. Both are good with or without milk and sugar. Chai is almost like a dessert if you add a little milk and sugar.


I remembered a tea flavor I liked - I've seen "Evening in Missoula" at quite a few coffee shops, independent and chain. It's a chamomile variety.

I don't understand why some college town in the middle of Montana has a tea dedicated to it, though...
I'm not picky about what I'll drink, but I'm pretty picky in terms of what I really enjoy and buy for myself.

For herbal tea in a bag, I like Stash Wild Raspberry Hibiscus. It's different from most teas; very juicy. Similar to Celestial Seasonings "Red Zinger" but fruitier and more floral. I like it straight, but it's really special with honey. Stash also does a really nice Meyer Lemon herbal tea, and a Licorice Spice that is very mellow and sweet (without being sweetened) and quite pleasant before bed. I also like just about any brand of peppermint tea, as long as it's straight peppermint (no other mints for me) - or it's really easy to grow.

My favorite fancy loose-leaf tea so far is Earl Grey with extra bergamot. I like it with sugar and heavy cream. I'm not a big black tea drinker because if I'm going to have caffeine, I almost always want espresso. But this one is worth swapping out from time to time. :blush:


My basic is black tea, plain, or with lemon or milk. Earl Gray or English Tea Time with milk is another. Fruit flavored teas are great, in general, especially the berry teas.


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Not tea but similar and very healthy: Rooibos or Redbush tea from South Africa. No caffeine and lots of anti-oxidants. I drink it instead of tea now.


I buy some tea online from The Tea Spot based in colorado. I prefer to buy loose leaf to avoid microplastics. My husband like rooibos cause it tastes like a cigar lol I prefer fruity teas. But a good green tea with lemon or black tea with a splash of milk also hit the spot. I would not recommend lipton. There are a lot of good teas out there, and lipton is only good if you mix it with a strong flavor to mask the horrible tea. Celestial seasonings has a bunch of flavors and there are so many other brands too. Also look into herbal teas for basic home remedies. Raspberry leaf for PMS, peppermint for gas or stomach aches, ginger for digestion, chamomile to relax, etc
Make sure you look at the ingredients though because some teas (mostly flavored ones) have "natural flavors" listed in the ingredients and I wouldn't trust that since we have no way to find out what that means


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Here are my preferences. If derived from camellia sinensis the one grown a lot in Sri Lanka then:
  • Assam - an Indian one with a full bodied, malty or caramel flavour
  • Lapsang Souchong - smokey one from China
  • Rooibos - red bush from South Africa, as someone else here also likes
  • Mint
  • Greek mountain tea - from a plant with flowers that grows in Greece and needs some cooking
Very caffeinated:
  • Yerba Mate - a South American plant, nice fragrance and bitter taste, yellow, may need sweetening, gives you a special kind of buzz and mental focus but can be addictive or have side-effects / withdrawals in my experience, so best go gentle with it at first. Water needs to be hot but not boiling.
There's a couple of South American bark based teas, lapacho and catuaba, I'm not a big fan but they are said to have an effect on mood and libido. A bit vanilla in taste. Probably not a bad replacement for water.


I'm a normie and go the Twinings/Bigalow route for Earl Gray and fancy teas (orange spice!). I drink decaf Tetley black tea as my go-to tea. My parents used to drink copious amounts of tea when I was growing up and often reused the bag and that was their preferred brand for some reason, probably because it's cheap hahaha

I found out Celestial Seasonings was started by a cult but I do like their Sleepytime Tea. A lot of church ladies when I was little would grow their own chamomile and I want to do that once we have property and a garden. I love spice cake and chamomile tea together! I usually have something sweet *with* my tea (like a cookie) but I don't like my tea sweet generally.


I’m far from an expert, but I recently discovered Harney & Sons’ tea. I have the one below, and it’s delicious. They sell loose teas as well. I’ll be trying more. You might see if you have a tea store nearby. Even my not-so-big town has one. I’ll be trying out some different loose teas next time I go.



I found out Celestial Seasonings was started by a cult but I do like their Sleepytime Tea. A lot of church ladies when I was little would grow their own chamomile and I want to do that once we have property and a garden. I love spice cake and chamomile tea together! I usually have something sweet *with* my tea (like a cookie) but I don't like my tea sweet generally.

I LOVE SleepyTime tea. It really did help me sleep when I was a kid and it tastes so good. I’m curious about the cult thing though! I’ll have to Google that one for sure lol!