Recommended protein bar, powder etc.?

I’m slightly addicted to the Quest protein bars, specifically the chocolate chip cookie dough flavor. I use Body Fortress for the powder and Optimum Nutrition for my creatine.
Just salt your red meat real good and it will keep for a few extra days. No need for any of that processed protein bar junk. I've tried reintroducing it into my diet a few times and whatever is in there upsets my system, usually with bloating and odorous flatulence.


Isopure is a brand of unflavored whey protein, only ingredients are whey protein and soy lecithin. I wouldn't call it tasty, but rather "unoffensive." If I don't have much time in the morning I like to add a few large spoonfuls of homemade Greek yogurt for the extra protein, fat, and probiotic cultures. I don't add much in the way of flavorings since I've never liked heavily flavored foods in the morning, just a personal preference.


Ostrich is good for cheap supplements, including whey protein as a post-workout. I'd be surprised if you find it cheaper. I've had some good protein powders, but I'm not taking it for taste, so I just get plain whey, mix it in water, and down the hatch right after working out.
Guys have you tried making your own like Greg Doucette does? It's very easy. All you need is protein powder and a sweet functional fiber ( Vita fiber). Blend, spread on a pan and put in a freezer for one hour.
Most "functional foods" and protein bars are either candy bars with protein or just have an insane amount of calories, fats and carbs. I do on occasion enjoy a 5% Knock the Carb Out Bar or a Power Crunch Bar but if I'm actually trying to eat healthy I'd much rather just have a piece of fruit or some carrots and hummus.