Red Pill and PUA Personalities Converting to Christianity Masterthread


From a purely practical perspective, dedicating your 20s and 30s to game and PUA is a terrible decision for your career and earnings potential.

Can confirm. My logic at the time was “why waste time making lots of money - which most men do just to get women anyway - when I could use the game ‘cheat code’ and get a better result for free?”

There’s a twisted sort of secular logic to it, but it stopped me from caring about my future or building a nest egg of any kind. I missed out on a lot of important growth in terms of responsibility and long-term thinking.


I haven’t spoken to him in three or four years, but when I broached the topic of Christianity he responded that Jesus was initiated into the Egyptian mysteries and came out of that experience believing He was God. It’s a stupid, but common perspective amongst those with a very superficial understanding of things and a secret axe to grind when it comes to God.

The origin of Jesus being a master of the Egyptian schools is the Talmud.


I've got Facebook blocked, but here's what I think you're referring to on YouTube:

Man, I skipped through the video and could barely stomach it. I knew a guy who had nothing better to do than to hit on girls and play piano in his free time. He did nothing else. No male friends. When he called me only to do daygame I told him it doesn't work like that. He was also cringy, kind of autistic and could only talk about poon and PUA.

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There have been a few threads that cover red-pill and PUA personalities who have converted to Christianity. This is a general thread for this trend.

It seems Elliott Hulse converted around 2017 and is now going off the deep-end with E. Michael Jones:


1) Roosh (fake news coverage), 2018/2019
2) Computing Forever (video, news), 2017
3) Yogi Oabs (thread), 2020
4) Elliott Hulse (above), 2017

There were threads for a few others, but I can't find them. One was a guy who was into martial arts and/or swords.

Of forum members: @jarlo , @gework , @Leonard D Neubache , @godfather dust, @AnonymousBosch (I believe) ...

Conversely as the PUAshpere breaks down it seems the other half are floating off into soy-based new age fluff.

That's so funny to see RSD popping up again. Transformation mastery life of Julien was my first experience with ''spirituality''. The problem was that you are basically in a hamster wheel, fixing your ''inner trauma'' by letting it ''come up'', but it's endless and temporary. You may feel better for a few minutes but the tension and so on just comes back. It's no solution, it's like taking some short term medicine or not even that while you keep doing the same destructive behaviors and thus having the same destructive outcomes. Truly the only way out is Christ.

This also underlines how broken the PUA community is if there is such a big demand for the spiritual side of things. Proof that the lifestyle is unsustainable and doesn't fix anything about deeper issues.

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That's so funny to see RSD popping up again. Transformation mastery life of Julien was my first experience with ''spirituality''.

Approx. 25:00

"Anyone who would seek to suppress free will is dark and satanic. And it's built from that free will that we have in our connection to God and bringing that through us and manifesting it into the world."