Rejecting the black pill


subversion comes in many forms, and as a demoralized nation its easy to succumb to the symptoms of nihilism like hopelessness and despair.
I wanted to start a conversation here talking about what defiant and ACTIVE stance you guys are actively having to keep your morale up. Right now I'm just staying so busy with work and home projects and learning python/Javascript that I don't have time for despair.

I've really been enjoying python on Linux. It's been a blast... I've not done calculus since high school... but it's kinda refreshing to do this so I better grasp python.

I've been praying more... and I mean exponentially more. Looking towards heaven while I'm battling cancer even if God wills it I stay on this earth
Tomorrow I'm getting a PET scan to see what's going on with the tumor in my stomach.

Be blessed brethren.
embrace the God/White pill.

I have been embracing nostalgia, as I believe many others are as well. Just rediscovering the past, my personal past, and reminiscing. I've also grown closer again to the Lord, repenting of some lingering sins that had been haunting me, and realizing that in Christ "the victory" has already been won.
Praying as soon as the diabolical attacks start. My go-to stack:

"Precious Blood, wash over me and protect me from the wickedness and snares of the devil"
Jesus Prayer
Ave Maria
Keep fit and healthy, forgive your family and make sure you are there for them. Try to do good for the community and share the love with your close friends. Use your energy and vitality constructively. These things motivate me even in the hardest times.

My life is currently very relaxed, but I might look at some Python too when normal corporate jobs won't cut it anymore. We are blessed to be living in a peaceful time, let's not squander the gift of life and all its breath-taking beauty.

Er Miqué

I just believe in God's will: when you realize everything's for a purpose you don't feel depressed no matter what happens and you just decide to get the most out of everything; I just don't care anymore but this time is not a sad "I don't care" but a happy one because you know everything goes as it has to go and God takes care for you.

Also doing exercise and keeping up with good habits is the best way to feel happy; when you are not wasting your life via hedonism but actually using it for good things you will feel well.


I exercise, I read, I study languages, and I'm intending to learn an instrument (I'm open as to which, waiting for the right one to find its way into my life, I guess). I'm working on this plan for a farmstead which I'm mentioned obliquely here, and more importantly I'm cultivating my social connections for the people I'd like to be involved in that if they'd like - and am, simultaneously, dropping social connections that have just become time sinks.

I've done only a limited amount of Python and Javascript, but the brief summary of what I do professionally could be simply "computer programmer", so if you or anyone ever needs help on some coding problem, feel free to hit me.