Relationship with a Neurotic Woman

Yes I dated a woman like that. I didn't last 2 months. As soon as we got together she did that type of stuff and more, no honeymoon period, she just tried consciously/unconsciously to drain me in the manner you described. I think it had to do with the fact that she never had a father figure, and her mother probably conditioned her to hate men. She was liberal in general. She was kind of like the neurotic part you described, but loved to party, smoked and vaped constantly, and was flirtatious with other men...and had a drinking problem. Never really cooked either, because her mother said it was bad to cook for men and be subservient to them. I ended up doing everything. I ended up liking her dog more than her, and actually miss the dog more.
Ever notice that most relationships only last for 2 months!? The next milestone of course is the 6 month and 12 periods, but I always notice that within the 2 month time-frame things really usually collapse by then because the girl cannot continue her lies or other issues so either she might want out or you will start getting into fights with her over her BS she starts.