Reports from affected cities


This is now a common pattern in NYC: criminals robbing/mugging someone in an elevator/elevator lobby.

Happened at 1st ave and 3rd, an extraordinarily expensive and trendy area, but intermixed with seedy areas/mixed housing. Lots of enclosed spaces. You are SO vulnerable to things like this.

Hence the incredible fragility of NYC. As more people — particularly the young single women who thought they were perfectly safe in their LES apartment — have this experience, or it gets around their friends/social media circles, it will sink in how vulnerable and exposed people truly are.
Yeah but it still won't cause them to go on the offensive against this type of shit, and if people aren't trying to stop a low IQ criminal from stealing their cash, how are they going to have the cajones to stop the banking cartels from forcing their own extinction?

What will be the straw that breaks the camels back in these normies? I think they're all just hamsters, waiting to die. They have no cares beyond their egos.


The Rapid City/Black Hills area is where I'd want to be. I like the outdoors, isolation from major cities, low taxes/cost of living and mindset of the people there.

No place is perfect, but there are still several states where we don't have to put up with this nonsense and people actually act like Americans. South Dakota is just one example and not the only place I've been researching.


I can imagine that Antifa is getting some pressure to cool it off right now. There is still plenty of time for riots before November and they are going to want to make a push against the patriot "militia" people now that there is a face to put on them. Unfortunately for the Left, Kyle has a cute and cherubic face and somehow nothing awful has come out of his social media. It must be very frustrating.
I assume that there will be more blood shed sooner or later, even though the False Flag machine seems to be broken. Biden and Harris are going to make a quick pivot to the middle (inevitably) and condemn some of the actions of BLM/Antifa, but it will be done in conjunction with calls for a crackdown on Trumpies and the 2nd Amendment. The goal of the escalation of annoying and destructive protest tactics was to get a reaction and they got one from the citizenry, can they get one from Trump?


Antifa gets humiliated with pepper spray and has to retreat for more soy lattes (bottom vid'). Also, there are reports that a Trump supporter shot a protestor three times and they are dead (top vid')?! Not sure: