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Mayor Ted Wheeler, of Portland, gets into his second scuffle - in as many months. This time he pulled out the pepper spray, before an oncoming beatdown:

Portland mayor pepper-sprayed man who confronted him about Covid-19 rules
The mayor of Portland, Oregon, pepper-sprayed a man outside of a restaurant Sunday night, after the mayor said the man confronted him about mask rules and other issues and then got uncomfortably close, according to a police report.

Mayor Ted Wheeler, a Democrat, told police of the man: "I clearly informed him that he needed to back off," before spraying him in the eyes, according to an incident report released by police.

Wheeler told police he was leaving a pub at around 8 p.m. when the man, filming him with a phone, accused the mayor of not wearing a mask while sitting in a restaurant as required by Covid-19 rules, and also other issues.

Wheeler said he told the man he was sitting in a tented area, and that the coronavirus rules allow someone to take off their mask when eating or drinking, according to the police report.
The man, who was not wearing a mask, followed Wheeler to his car and "got within a foot or two of my face while he was videoing me," the report quoted Wheeler as saying.

"I became imminently concerned for my personal safety, as I had recently been physically accosted in a similar situation," the mayor said according to the report. Wheeler also said he was afraid of catching Covid-19.

A spokesman for the mayor said Wheeler is fully cooperating with police. He was with former Portland Mayor Sam Adams at the time, who is listed in the report as a witness.

"Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler filed a police report relating to an incident that occurred. The Mayor is cooperating with the police investigation and encourages others involved to do the same," Wheeler's director of communications Jim Middaugh said in a statement.




Its OK. Officially they're not an anarchist city anymore, so...
What amazes me is that these riots are still going on since this past summer. Portland and Seattle are completely out of control. Their local political establishments have intentionally allowed this to happen and they are not serious or capable of putting an end to this. The democrats are now in power on the federal level and nothing has changed.

At what point do the authorities decide enough is enough? Several weeks ago, I saw an old video of the riots in Chicago back in the 1960s and Chicago mayor Richard Daley went on TV in Chicago and announced that he had enough and put the city on notice that he had just issued the shoot to kill order for the Chicago police. They were authorized to shoot anyone rioting, looting and or if they we’re setting fires to any buildings. The riots came to an abrupt end. This is the same mayor that had his police force beat up and arrests all of the hippie leftists protestors at the 1968 democratic convention there. Can you imagine if the mayors in Portland and Seattle did this today? There would be calls for the feds to intervene and the mayors would be accused of racism and other things.

La Águila Negra

Other Christian
This chain of events is so stereotypical and predictable that it's both hilarious and cringe-worthy at the same time

* Portland Antifa smashes up some businesses, threatens some people
* That's the same Antifa that has long been outed as a Fed-op and is responsible for several killings and millions in damages
* Entitled and delusional woman shows up by herself and starts scolding them
* Entitled and delusional woman (with incredibly annoying voice) starts calling someone on the crowd a coon and claims to be black herself (huh?)
* Entitled and delusional woman tries to reason with them by stating that she voted for JoJo Biden (LOL)
* Black Antifa woman (terrorist organization known for their violent armed members that are protected by TPTB) isn't having any of it and starts bashing the entitled and delusional woman's head in
* Entitled and delusional woman gets her first real world wake up call but still judging by her dumbass behaviour AFTER the beat up the message didn't get through her thick skull

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