Reports from American cities


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While I don't support asset seizure, he could have at least sold them to raise money for poor neighborhoods or donated them to some people in Africa. You can get AT LEAST a thousand bucks for each of those, so you just wasted over a million dollars not including the cost of destruction and disposal.
Yes, the waste is frustrating. It makes me think of this. At least destroying dangerous tools and machines makes a few liberals feel safer and sleep better at night though:



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A lawyer working for the government of the Philippines was shot dead in Philadelphia.

Most of the Filipino people I have met over the years were pretty hardworking, good natured Catholic folks. What a travesty to come all the way to America where the streets are supposedly paved with gold only to get shot & killed by some no impulse having, feral animal that escaped the Philly Zoo (and in my younger, immature days I've partied there before on a visit & ate at the iconic cheesesteak restaurants in South Philly). Truly a tragedy. My thoughts & prayers go out to this young man & his family.