Resisting against coronavirus laws


It's clear that many people will soon not comply with coronavirus laws or actively resist. This thread is to share stories (personal or online) about that.

I'm currently in a city that mandates wearing a face mask to grocery stores. Yesterday I went to a grocery store with a ridiculous floral scarf in my pocket. There was a clerk posted at the entrance and he said that I had to put on a mask. Near him was a security guard. I took out the scarf and fumbled with it when a huge black man walked in without a mask. The guard chased after him. Then I said to the clerk, "If he doesn't have to wear a mask, neither will I." Then I went in and did all of my shoping. I was not stopped. Most other shoppers had masks and they stared at me.

At the time I walked out the store with my groceries, I saw two policemen enter. They went inside for two minutes and then came back out. I'm sure that the guard called the police on the black man. Their response time was about 10 minutes. From what I know, the security can't really do much unless you are stealing.

I get no pride at breaking the law in this way, and have prayed on if this is the prudent move, but many of you know that this face mask compliance is the first step of their grooming program for vaccination, digital currency, and digital IDs. If I can't resist wearing a face mask, it will even be harder to resist down the line. I might as well start now, even though I rather not have to emotionally amp myself up before shopping for milk and eggs.

For every store I enter, I plan on making them earn my compliance in a non-violent, trollish way. I know I'm not at war with these store clerks who are making minimum wage, but I have no other option because those who are imposing tyranny upon me do not let me face them.


Dont think its wise to waste our 'resistance' on something like wearing a mask. wearing a mask is potentially very beneficial on a societal level for stopping spread of respiratory viruses and more of a inconvenience then a attack on our freedoms. Im sure with a bit of thought you can come up with more effective forms of resistance that will help your community instead of being a troll out of frustration.


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Roosh said:
those who are imposing tyranny upon me do not let me face them.

Amen to that.

Try calling ANY government agency at any level right now. Other than 911, none of them are taking calls.

This Friday I will be taking a group of 4 Australian men fishing. These guys have been customers of mine for many years. This is against a boatload of rules imposed upon me by government agencies I can't talk to. I may not even charge these guys.


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I got a gyro and a milkshake yesterday. While waiting for the shake, a woman that was also waiting for her order mistakenly thought my shake was hers at the pickup counter. She picked up my shake then realized it wasn't hers. She starting freaking out and apologizing profusely for not having anything to clean the cup.

I told her not to worry, and sat down to eat at the table outside on a beautiful day without a care in the world. Meanwhile, NPCs are walking around in masks and doing their social distancing, looking scared of their own shadows.

This virus is making people nuts. It's important to live as normally as possible, and not end up like them. Thankfully I'm starting to notice some other people with a similar mindset.

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Today they had that big protest in the state capitol of Michigan. There was also a letter published from some North Carolina State Senators to the Governor about the Raleigh police saying that protesting was not an essential activity. They asked the Governor to clarify if his executive order specifically bans protesting against the executive order. Of course this wording sounds like tyranny, the kind of thing we're not supposed to have in America. The kind of thing prohibited by the Bill of Rights. I'm sure there are lots of examples of this kind of resistance, big and small, including personal resistance like Roosh's.

I think the government officials and leftists are doubling down, saying how we'll need restrictions for years. On the one hand, the government officials are mad with power. They think that since they were able to order everyone to close their businesses and stay home, now they will be able to continue to control peoples lives to a similar level. People will only be able to open their businesses or even leave their homes if they comply with new, restrictive regulations supervised by the government officials. On the other hand, all the leftists want to keep the country on lockdown, to destroy the economy, in hopes it will hurt Trump in the upcoming election.

I think the people being locked down will explode with protests over this. The number of deaths is relatively small, and the projections are not that great. Treatment options are improving, and hospitals have enough beds and equipment now. The totalitarian government types are going to fight to keep their grip on power, but I think ordinary people are going to flip out over this, and it's going to escalate greatly every day going forward. I'm looking forward to participating in a protest in my city like the one in Lansing, MI. They say the conservatives normally don't go to protests, because they are busy at work. Well now the conservatives are home from work, so they are free to protest.
Lots of guys are calling Americans pussies cause they didn't immediately start shooting people within 3 weeks of a national quarantine, when most people still think there's a deadly virus running around and the government's actions are to some degree justified.

See what happens if the lockdowns stay in place for another month.


4 Michigan sheriffs come out in defiance of Gretchen Whitmers strict lockdown orders. Let's hope this spreads like wildfire and makes an example for the nation to see. [/align]

“While we understand her desire to protect the public, we question some restrictions that she has imposed as overstepping her executive authority,” Leelanau County Sheriff Mike Borkovich, Benzie County Sheriff Ted Schendel, Manistee County Sheriff Ken Falk and Mason County Sheriff Kim Cole said in a press release.

The sheriffs said that, instead of stringent enforcement, they “will deal with every case as an individual situation and apply common sense.”

They added that they had taken an oath to protect the “God-given rights” of the Michigan and U.S. constitutions. “We believe that we are the last line of defense in protecting your civil liberties,” the release stated.

The sheriffs noted that their focus should be on reopening their counties and getting people back to work, but added that CDC guidelines such as social distancing, washing hands and wearing masks should be followed.


Another thing I'd like to add, is get rid of your smartphones, or at least take the necessary measures to protect your identities as best as you can (I share some tips below).
And I'm not even talking about mobile network triangulation either.

For instance, Google and Apple are currently working on a mobile app to help track users who might have been in proximity to someone with the virus.

Apple and Google will introduce a pair of iOS and Android APIs in mid-May and make sure these health authorities’ apps can implement them. During this phase, users will still have to download an app to participate in contact-tracing, which could limit adoption. But in the months after the API is complete, the companies will work on building tracing functionality into the underlying operating system, as an option immediately available to everyone with an iOS or Android phone.

Most people might not know this, but Google and Apple are able to push apps to your cellphones without you even noticing, so you most likely would not even know if such a tracking device had been installed on your phone.

If you cannot get rid of your phone, than downgrade to a "dumb" 2000 style flip phone or get one of those jewish Kosher phones.
If that's also not possible than at least ROM your android device with one of the few custom linux builds available.

If you have a Google Pixel 2 or 3, I recommend GrapheOs

For the others, check out LineageOs

If you have a bit more money to spend (Or you have an iPhone), I suggest investing in a proper privacy focused smartphone and a seperate anonymous SIM card:

Lastly, do yourselves a favour and check out Google My Activity
And make sure the data displayed is data you're OK sharing with Google, and whichever other authority they might be forced to share it with.

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hervens said:
Lastly, do yourselves a favour and check out Google My Activity
And make sure the data displayed is data you're OK sharing with Google, and whichever other authority they might be forced to share it with.

If you "delete activity by (certain time range)" on that site, then does it delete it just on what you , the user can see? or does it delete anyone's ability (including google and 'them') from ever seeing or going back and seeing it?


Wearing a mask is far more beneficial for the sick because it drastically shrinks the area they can spread their germs. Now for the healthy, it's ridiculous walking around outside with it, unless your plan is to rob someone or something in that nature. Also the people wearing these gloves, what's the point? They start touching the pushing cart then, touch their phone, scratch their side, touch their phone, scratch their head, touch their phone, grab their wallet and credit cards, touch their phone. Now everything is contaminated. If this was an actual deadly virus, they would be dead. Just wash your hands with soap and water or use some hand sanitizer.

You did a good job Roosh. It's better to do it now before you're too conditioned to fight back. Use your god given ability to breathe in all the natural air around you without these silly restrictions.


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While weve been occupied, our government sneakily wrote into law that as of april 30, all aged care workers must have flu shots or they wont be allowed to work.

Now my wife, who has been in aged care for several years is going to become ineligible to continue in her job, since she refuses to have their silly shot. I know many are pro-vaccine here, and to them it wont be a big deal, but we just cant allow anyone to dictate what you do with your own body. Its the true embodiment of the "my body, my choice" argument, without the sophistry.

We will be fine on my income alone, but big pharma is about to get a massive payday from all those who cant financially afford to hold sovereignty of their own bodies.


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You did the right thing Roosh. The true importance of disobeying to wear a mask is setting a psychological effect of showing no fear. That's the reason we should oppose this. The more people do it the weaker the narrative gets. It's psychological inoculation against the agenda.