Resisting against coronavirus laws


When asked about religious exemptions apparently Trudeau smirked and said there would not be many of those granted
We're ruled by godless people who hate us
All that "Human Rights" stuff was just a facade. Masks are off now. The Globo herd is not afraid any more to show its true tyrannical essence.

These people are satanists, they hate God and actively work against him. They demand a %100 compliance. The saddest part is that most people are on board with that.

Today I spoke with a co-worker over the phone and asked her if she'd be OK with booster shots every few months for say 30 years. She said "if thats what it takes to keep the virus at bay".

Im so disappointment with the people around me.

I feel its just me and my wife against the world.


Keep strong man, I feel you as I work for the gov too, although here they're not at that stage yet. But we're just lagging a few months behind the commufascisttechnocranazi's such as CAN and AUS. As you rightfully say it's the totalitarian tiptoe, going further incrementally, step by step. Basically they want to corrupt our soul with all these small steps. As you say, it starts with lying and then it gets step by step further. I hope you can make the right choice, which is right in this moment. You have any contact with unvaxxed colleagues, or is it not spoken of? In my normie office environment I hear people talking about the vax all the time as it is socially acceptable, only know 1 guy who isn't taking the vax too, hardcore traditionalist Azerbaijan dude, but with 4 children and wife at home so if things get on the line don't know what will happen.
All my colleages are strongly pro vaxx. At least now working from home I dont have to see their faces.


I doubt if lying about your vax status will get you far. As soon as there’s a standardized Id they’ll want to see it. When they catch you lying they’ll crucify you
Yeah that's another very good reason not to lie about it. Pretty sure people who are caught lying about vaccination status will get in serious trouble.


Trudeau acts like Derek Zoolander but he's actually a genius. He ran up so much intergenerational debt that he has to cut huge jobs from the public service to help pay it off. By firing people who won't take the jab, which are mostly straight white PPC / conservative males, he gets to have a public service that is even more liberal, and he gets to do it guilt free by claiming that WE forced HIM to fire us.

He does sneaky power plays like this all the time.

Like when that jihadist who killed Americans was sent to Guantanamo and then came back to Canada and Trudeau gave him 10 million dollars. That won every Muslim vote in the country, and every on of the 250k Muslims per year who come here know who to vote for, and he lost nothing because the army doesn't vote for him anyway..

He's a Derek zoolander-esque simpleton but his Will to Power is so strong and his handlers always screw his non supporters ruthlessly and dangle scraps of rewards to his loyal following.

I'm actually impressed with him, despite believing that he deserves to be treated like a medieval traitor.


Now the the government in Canada has mandated vaccines for all federal workers or else be forced on an unpaid leave of absence, it looks like I'll be going on an unpaid leave of absence.

I'm on paternity leave right now, but eventually that will end. From what I can tell, you have to log on to the website and declare whether you're vaxxed or not. It's easy to lie I suppose and say you are, but I don't want to degrade myself like that, or give them any more power than they deserve. It would it be a matter of time until I actually had to 'prove' it.

I have kids at home and a wife who relies on me for provision. Lord have mercy on us.
Before it comes to that, if possible, see if you can extend that paternity leave by hook or by crook. See if you can get in some kinda of unemployment/disability/family emergency status and ride that out.

Im in the same situation. Have a kid and a pregnant wife. No Plan "B" regarding finances apart from my pay check.

Im considering requesting a religious exemption. But Im afraid life will be made totally unbearable for those with exemptions. Lord have mercy on us.

Ditto you. I admit I'm talking out of my butt here, but Canada seems like such a bureaucratic place there's gotta be a way you can get into some kind of unemployment/paid leave thing and gum up the works, make getting rid of you a slow affair at least. If you've got a pregnant wife, can you pull your paternity leave forward somehow? Say you need to give full-time care to your pregnant wife who's having difficulties?


I moved outside of Ottawa city limits because they had a bylaw enforcing masks in residential (apartment) buildings, which by default is not in effect in the rest of the province.

I moved in on Tuesday last week and I noticed that the admin person had put up the City of Ottawa sign saying masks were required by law on two year olds and up at all times in the building. I informed her that the law does not require that and that we are in a different municipality than where that law is in effect. She said she knows but she likes the sign so it stays.

I took the signs down, crumpled them up and threw them in the garbage. She took them out of the garbage, and re-taped the crumpled sheets on the doors and told me she'd send me an eviction notice if I took them down again. This is my first day living there. I took them down and told her that I took it down because it is not lawful to have up, and I will not be putting a mask on my two year old just because she likes the idea, and it's not lawful to evict me over that, the tenant board will never order an eviction. I recommended she post something that is lawful instead, like 'recommending' masks for two year olds and up, but I will not tolerate signs that say it is required by law, which is fraudulent.

That's my first day at a brand new apartment building in a town an hour away.

I know I'm Canadian but I love the "don't tread on me" American flag. Right now I feel like it's what we should all be rallying around.

Also, this admin girl is obese, and was wearing the biggest mask I've ever seen. If she was actually concerned for her health she'd be losing weight, not trying to mask two year olds


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My son's school district put in a mask requirement last week and we just said 'nope'. On the first day of the mandate he was one of three kids. Day two there were a couple more. The principal came up to him and said, "If any more kids refuse their masks, I am going to make YOU wear a mask". He has some pull with the principal as she absolutely loves him and has went out of her way to tell us and his teachers what a model young man he is. So I may have put a target on his back, but he could care less.

Day 3 probably saw the kids with no masks double. By the end of last week it was close to 50/50. On Friday I picked him up and noticed a few head nods from dad's and the Russian's especially made a note of saying hi.

Tomorrow is a new week and I am sure the public school system has been brewing up new ways to mess with these kids heads. It was a long weekend which means the admin and teachers had a chance to get drunk one more time and wake up with a 3 day compound hangover. Lets hope that anger doesn't get directed at the kids.
I don't want to discourage you or take away from your pride in your son learning to stand his ground but aren't you worried they'll really target him? We homeschool and as far as I'm concerned I'd worry about them force vaxxing a kid at a public school just to make a point.
With little kids getting "accidentally" jabbed at Walgreens and talk of vaccine pills and potions, I think we're less than a year away from forced jabbing/poisoning of kids in schools, of course with judicial approval. The vaccine is a sacrament for atheist leftists because it's central to their science religion, of course it's a total inversion of the Eucharist, which is never forced on anyone, it's a personal choice freely accepted. The control-freak, compliance approach is demonic behavior.


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The satanists in Australia are now proudly saying on communist radio that "we're" going to be the first nation to start shooting up 5 year old kids and older, probably before the end of the year. 6 months and up is being trialled and expected to be approved around March next year together with the second "booster".

They already came for our jobs......

I need to get out of this country at all cost.