Resisting against coronavirus laws


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Perhaps appropos, but I've used this historical event to shut down anti-gun liberals on social media in the past as an example of why an armed citizenry in the US is necessary:

The article isn't written very well, but in summary:

- A local political machine (Democrats, of course) took over a county in Tennessee and used rigged elections to stay in power
- Returned WWII veterans rebelled, resisted, and tried to take back the local government via political organization
- The controlling party tried to use force to prevent the citizens from taking back the government
- The veterans raided the national guard armory, engaged the corrupt Democrats in a gun battle, and drove them out of town
- The governor (a Democrat), correctly realized that it wasn't a battle that was worth fighting, and refused to intervene
- The corrupt politicians were permanently exiled and the county was able to restore democracy
Huh, I didn't know about that event. So an example of a successful anti-coup where the American constitution worked as it should. No wonder it was successful, these men were still fresh from war and they remembered well the military tactics they used in the field. Shows you why they fear strong men so much.
One thing I think about is: my wife is from Peru. We are in the States. is it possible that God would want my wife to never see her family again? Say there is a situation where the only way she can see them (due to country rules) is to get jabbed.

It is obvious to me that there are situations in which specific people would be (almost?) obligated to get the jab. Think of a priest who gives last rights to dying people in nursing homes. If he could only get in by being jabbed , it would be his duty to fall on the sword , so to speak , for the salvation of those other souls. His health is less important than their salvation. Could similar situations arise with normal people like us and our families ?

My wife’s family and my own both need us very much from a spiritual point of view. We are both very anti jab and would never take the jab to shop or travel for recreation or even for my job. I would rather fight and be jailed. But if it comes to saying to my wife “you can’t see your family again” vs getting the jab, the decision becomes much more difficult.

One reason not to marry a girl from a different country boys. Pray for us


One note:

If you are trying to organize at the workplace, here is what you do.

  1. Create a group named that it's for anti-mandate employees at X company. This must be on alt-tech because Facebook will delete your groups. My recommendation is Locals because it's got a more normie-friendly name and doesn't have general widespread recognition yet the way Gab or Parler do.
  2. Design a small 2x4" (or so) "card" with the title "Anti-mandate employee's group (Anonymous)". In the middle of the card put a QR code that links to your alt-tech site.
  3. Copy paste so the cards fill up a page.
  4. Print off a stack of them. If you're very paranoid go to a pawn shop or Craigslist and by a burner printer
  5. Distribute these EVERYWHERE that you won't get caught on camera. Put them in bathrooms. Stick them on notice boards. Drop stacks in break reams. leave them on desks. Put on a mask, park nearby, and stick them on every car's windshield.
  6. That should get a good start going and once you have enough of a group THEN you can begin to organize and negotiate colectively.



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Tennessee taking a stand:

On the other hand, it is signed into law. Anything corona related that one way or another can cause a lockdown or measure is dangerous.