Resources for Reformed Christians

I think it's vital to understand that the Bible, while being true and holy word of God, is not the only pointer God gave us. In fact, I dare to say, it's not even the main one. God sent his son, Jesus Christ, to this Earth who himself established the Church. Not understood as some vague, general concept meaning 'all believers', 'all who identify as Christians'. No, the Church as an actual institution, with leaders and hierarchy. And the Bible was one of the means with which the Church was to achieve its main goal - help bring salvation to as many sinful men as possible. Bible is a very important piece in this complex structure but shouldn't be used on its own.
Protestants seem to believe that Christianity was built around the Bible but no-one thought this way in the first 1500 years since Jesus was born.


Right now my church is wherever I am. I stopped going to Church even though I know the Bible says I am supposed to...I can't find a church where the Word is preached honestly, except preachers from at least 150 years ago on the Internet. So I do my best to be a Christian by myself in my day-to-day life without going to Church.
Congrats, you are at the end game of the Reformed tradition. Like capitalism, the end gain is destruction of all collectives and group identities, like nation or religious tradition, through individualistic atomization. I was in that spot for 7 years, then jumped into the Ark of Orthodoxy and never looked back.

For Protestant works, I would recommend reading the Wesley Brothers if you get a chance, they wanted their followers to look East.