Review copies of my new book American Pilgrim

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I aim to release my new book in the second half of February. I review copies (PDF) available for members who want to check it out. If you're interested, reply to this thread and I will PM you a download of the book within a couple days.

Book description:
What happens when a pickup artist suddenly receives God's grace after teaching a lifestyle of fornication for over a decade to a worldwide audience? American Pilgrim is a memoir that shares the first-year journey of a man upon his decision to repent from a life of evil to serve Jesus Christ. He travels across the United States to deliver his testimony in person through a series of lectures while chronicling the temptations that attempt to bring him back to Satan, the spiritual labors that deepen his faith as a new Christian, and the lamentable state of America on the cusp of great upheaval.


On the cover is the actual car I drove across the country (Dodge Challenger).
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