Riga, Latvia: July to September

I was going to Latvia for a long weekend but LOT (Polish Airlines) destroyed my plans. Still very sad about it. Maybe next summer.


Hello all,

An update as of July 14, I have been here for one week and I must say the biggest challenge for me has been the weather. I am working remotely which means my day ends just as the nice weather rolls out of the city and the clouds roll in, the colder weather and rain during summer time has its challenges for me coming from Barcelona.

Item of note..I can confirm the statistics which state that Latvian women are the tallest on the planet, I am 179cm and the majority of women I encounter on a daily basis are a couple of centimetres shorter than I am, without heels ;)

My favourite spots so far:

- Daytime, is the Latvian version of Starbucks called Caffeine, there are various coffee shops around the city, nice design inside, sofas and lounges to work or relax and is usually filled with gorgeous women.
- Afternoon/nighttime, A place called two more beers, downstairs from my apartment, has a very large terrace, a brewhouse with various local and international beers, has an amazing deer burger served on deer antlers (Must try for all) and has two large TV screens for those who fancy it, I have seen La Liga, the Premier League and Bundesliga fixtures.
Yikes, my father was born in Riga Latvia. My mother has never returned to Latvia since her youth, saying she wanted to remember it the way it was a long time ago. She is 87. I have done some travelling but have never considered Latvia.