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Rap music was my favourite genre growing up, but with legends like Eminem turning into left-wing idiots over time I'd fallen out of love with the genre. Not anymore - right-wing political rap music has been blowing up the last few years and it's been very enjoyable catching up with it all listening to artists who drop red pills over great beats.



Found and got into Tom MacDonald back around July / August, and bought the new albums when they came out. I'm a diehard metalhead, but when growing up I enjoyed Rap/Hip-Hop from the early eighties into the early nineties, and in particular toward the end stuff like N.W.A., Ice-T, Dr. Dre and so on. For me, it surprised me to find something new in that scene I liked as it is all mostly crap to me (all the 304, chains, drugs, drinking, depravity and so on). Just learned about Chris Webby this week, and so a couple of news ones above to check out. Now, how will this impact the awakening movement in America, guess we will see.

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Thanks for sharing Valentine. It's my first time hearing these guys, except Tom, as he came on my radar with his 2018 breakout track, 'Whiteboy'. Will need some time to digest the new tracks and artists. I will say the beat on Bryson Gray's 'Safe Space', while simple and old-school, goes hard. The first verse pops for sure.

Tom is a beast. Of the tracks you posted, 'Brainwashed', 'Dummies' and 'America' are all killer, with the third verse of 'Brainwashed' starting to lay out the level of his understanding of complex systems and processes. The hook of 'Dummies' is especially catchy. I can imagine, in the mind of some rap heads, the hooks will get flack for being pop-like, however good songs convey their lyrical messages even more effectively through catchy, musically-varied hooks and head-nodding beats.

Guys, embedded below are 6 tracks I've personally selected for both lyrical and musical reasons, mainly on the topics of politics and rap, with one bonus track 'Satanic Rappers' that will interest Christians in particular. (Or you can click here for an audio-only playlist, which has some other solid picks like 'No Lives Matter', 'Cancelled', 'Bad News', and 'No Response'). I also recommend 'Clown World', 'Blame the Rapper', and 'Dear Rappers'. however I've only included my top pics below due to the limits on embedding. Language warning for 'White Trash' feat. MadChild.




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I've thought for a while there would be incredible commercial viability for such material. In Britain there have been numerous series mocking "not with it" DailyMail readers etc. They haven't made anything mocking commies since the 70s (Citizen Smith).

One outline for a film/series I thought of: Intro - an attractive well-built male is lifting weights at home, aesthetically shot. He showers and then starts to put on clothes. The clothes are that of a dork - ill fitting trousers showing off a generous portion of the socks only a mother could buy; knock-off trainers; an overly formal but unimpressive shirt. He then flattens his hair down into a Lloyd Christmas pat; and places on a pair of awkward NHS prescription spectacles.

He then walks to work. Contorted middle-class male faces look on, surveying our lead, measuring him up to see if he is getting too far ahead of himself. In this world any sign of self-improvement is largely banished. There are maximum standards on appearance. Work well? You get a demotion. Every interaction is fraught with worry that the other may report you for improving.

Will Golwyn and Mayer ever latch onto such concepts.