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Gen X cops are like...



This is what California is requiring to get a haircut when they open. It sounds like open heart surgery.

"Due to the hands-on services they offer, hairstylists and barbers can’t maintain much social distance from their clients. As a result, customers should expect a medical clinic-level of sterilization and protective equipment at these establishments. According to the state’s guidelines, customers will be screened for illness upon arrival. Stylists and barbers must wear face coverings, eye shields and disposable gloves. Customers will be required to wear a face covering, preferably with earloops, to allow easier cutting. Disposable paper capes may be used in place of cloth ones."

I needed a haircut, so went to Mexico, and found a small open air shop. I got a great hair cut, relaxed conversation with the owner, and it cost $4. No masks.