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Not sure if that's true or not, but greasing down statues like this to make them unclimable is a brilliant idea.
When I was a kid, my best friend and I built a fort. You had to grip the wooden edge of a hole in the floor and hoist yourself feet first into the fort. When we were not around, however, some unidentified kids kept entering the fort and trashing the interior. So, we did what any other kids would have done back then. We broke razor blades in half and embedded them in the handhold areas. We knew where to safely place our hands; the trespassing vandals did not. We arrived back at the fort one day to find a very satisfactory blood trail. Problem solved.

Back then, the other kids would have been too embarrassed to tell their parents how they cut themselves. They would have also considered their wounds rough justice for what they had done. Today, the police and lawyers would likely get involved. We need to go back to an era where people accept personal responsibility for their actions, meaning both the defenders and the marauders. This also means jurors on juries acting rationally.