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Damn Leonard where did you find this? That looks like a small child, one who's still young enough to be in diapers. *This* is the sort of stuff CPS ought to be called in for - abusing a child like this and then having the audacity to post it on social media! WTF is wrong with these people
The guy who did this to the little child is already in jail:

Deputies booked Isaiah Jackson, 20, into the Clark County Jail on a probation violation


I discovered this video [of a child being abused] a little while of the worst things I have ever seen.
Reddit, a popular online place for leftists, has subreddits with hundreds of thousands of subscribers devoted to videos of children getting hurt (one example). Which gives you a pretty good idea how much depraved Reddit is and always has been.


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They're coming for the birds. The Marxists deem 150 bird name as racist because they were named after old white men, slaveholders, etc.

Background of the Marxists who complained about the racist bird names. They look like they are based in Roosh's neck of the woods. When will the birds start fighting back?

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Their main twitter page:
Why were the teams intermingled? Was there some sort of demonstration before the anthem? Honest question. I just got home from work.

I enjoy watching the Pens in the playoffs and attending a game or two in the regular season. I tried a few years back to get into the sport on a broader and more consistent basis, but I just don't find the entertainment / urgency combination to be enough.