Riots Lounge thread


We need a separate thread discussing the growing reparations movement

Multiple movements, state (my looney state of California) and federal are making it an issue

Looks like the head of BET are calling for monthly payments to blacks in excess of 2 grand I believe I read

I initially laughed it off, but with this country at this point you never know
It's the people who have been warned for decades about where this country is headed, but who were too short sighted, too timid, and above all - too greedy, too selfish - to do anything about it.


Con Inc. Heritage Foundation going all in on convincing those angry badwhites to not turn to considering their own interests:

It's exceptionalism, not nationalism! That's why it's magically different when we import 80 million barbarians! :D
LMAO. Here is a good question to ask a conserve-a-cuck: if civic nationalism works so well, why did it not save the 'diverse' kingdom of Hungary? why did it not save the 'diverse' kingdom of the Yugoslavs?


This is coming from a white man: Southern black American Christians are some of the finest people I have ever met. When I visit the south I always pop in to Waffle Houses where theres invariably an overweight black woman who calls me Sugar, a black dude working the fryer, and good natured people having fun at work. There is never, ever even the slightest hint that I am not welcome and I greatly appreciate their hospitality. I always leave a 100% tip on my $8 tab of eggs and coffee.

I would give anything for blacks to have their black Wallstreet back, and a conservative society they were fostering in the 1940s-1960s...inasmuch white ppls got the same.... this is exactly why balkanization could work.

But, it's a pipe dream... and the powers that be will never let it happen


I genuinely wonder if any of these losers are going to attempt to press charges and get the police involved... You know the people they hate so much apparently
Um, yes?
In case you haven't noticed the state is entirely in support of them.
There's a reason most of the 'back the blue' types are brainwashed boomers.
If you're still unaware - they don't hate the police. They hate White people. If the police were all fired and replaced with 'anti-racist gender affirming' non-whites, they'd be super pro police.