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A huge crowd turned out Sunday for the Hans Gruber memorial service. Gruber was the victim of police violence, having been thrown from Nakatomi Plaza by police officer John McClane, which many consider one of the most excessive uses of force ever witnessed. After the incident, there were protests all week, and now thousands from all over the country came to pay respects to Gruber, widely described as an “intelligent and witty soul.”

“That man was a hero,” said Doyle Graham, who traveled from Nevada to pay respects. “I mean, I don’t really know much about him other than that some police officer killed him, but he seems like someone we should all honor and emulate.”

Gruber was part of a mainly peaceful protest against the Nakatomi Corporation, which was goaded into violence by the actions of McClane. Ultimately, McClane threw Gruber from the 30th floor, even though Gruber was completely unarmed (or at least he was when he hit the ground). Even LAPD Deputy Chief Dwayne T. Robinson denounced the actions, calling McClane a “nutcase” who should have “just stayed put.”

Many at the memorial are now wearing shirts with “Gruber” written on them to remember the man who was taken too soon thanks to unaccountable police actions. There are calls for the arrest of John McClane, including from Hans Gruber’s brother, Simon, who vows to do something about him.


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So if you take a fatal dose of poison, and die, and interact with anyone in between, even if they have no idea, they can be responsible for your death? Just as the world has seemingly stopped making any sense, somehow it finds a way to become even more nonsensical. There are no rules or common sense any more.

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I just received a packet of rare NBA stickers and trading cards for an acquaintance who was out of town and asked if he could be shipped to me to keep safe until he's back. It made me a feel a bit sick handling them, as if they were satanic idols or something like that.

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Chocking video where 2 mainly peaceful protesters are killed by an off-duty police officer at Nakatomi Plaza .

The 2 protesters were singing "Next time you have a chance to kill someone, don't hesitate! Say NO to violence!".

Come to think of it Die Hard was probably one of the first "Red Pill" movie I watched:

Tough New York cop visits liberal LA building for Christmas Party to see wife who works for globalist corporation. Angered by the fact wife changes her surname, calls her out on it, she loses it and storms out.

Then criminals take over building, nobody can defend themselves, tough new york cop McClane takes out the criminals on his own, gamma male orbiter of wife then tries to step in and Blows McClane cover and nearly his wife's, despite this McClane eventually defeats all criminals and saves wife, wife gets the tingles at the end.