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No guesses as to who this lot belong to...


Johnny Rico

A = normal looking person
B = freak

If an A walked among Bs, they'd get stared at a lot. Eventually a B would approach them and question them. Then A could ask why are you interrogating me, and then the open minded, non judgmental, non prejudiced B would have to mention their appearance.

That's all that needs to be said about that.

It is like trying to fake your profession and everyone else knowing off the bat. Think of those Stolen Valor LARPers trying to talk with real soldiers/veterans. If you're masculine or a feminine female these Antifa freaks will sniff you out like dogs.



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I would not be surprised by any of that.
Except for the lack of organization part.

Each individual college dorm / cell may not have much idea of how they fit into the bigger hierarchy.
Yet the mere fact that Pantifa Clowns were being bused from Portland to Washington DC & the like.
Does indeed indicate a greater level of organization.
Not to mention the complicity of the Fake News crowd & the propaganda attempts of the Fake News crowd.

So once again. The Useless Idiots think it's all about them. They think they are the center of the "revolution".
When they are really just the cannon fodder / pawns of a larger & subversive organization.


Fools good is correct.

At risk of sounding like a broken record the Taliban was the same way (they’re both R-selected people) where are the Lower level the members are really stupid (although sometimes crafty), disorganized, and lazy with delusions of grandeur.

Throw in some skilled intelligence agents subtly providing organization and Training and it becomes more dangerous.

One thing that doesn’t surprise me is the paranoia. I’ve noticed a level of paranoia from the left that is extreme to the point that I’ve seen niche forums with under 20 active users convinced that anyone who disagrees is a troll sent there specifically by 4chan to try to take it over.

A lot of them literally believe that there’s millions of Nazis secretly organizing and preparing to purge the wonderful freedom fighters in order to establish complete fascism


I can see the problem with their organisation, I can see that alot of time would be spent with "yes I can see and respect your opinion" and making sure no one oppresses or is being oppressed by another person without anyone being able to leed and take charge.

Thats the problem with their argument, you will always be 'oppressed' by someone and someone will always be 'oppressing' you.
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