Riots Lounge thread


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I know it's a joke but the more apt comparison is moderate Muslims vs extremists/terrorists -
There is an underlying theme of tacit support and providing cover for the violence while playing the innocent for the cameras.

Normal gun owners don't have that connection to violent criminals using guns.
I took it to be less actual events & more a reflection of the media's portrayal.

IE vilifying all gun owners for the actions of one or two.


Another black obviously living in fear of the white supremacist patriarchy where cops look for any excuse to murder them. Despite all of this, she bravely leaves her home to harangue white people with a bullhorn.
"I bet you're sick and tired of making up for those big ass shoulders, bye!"

Yeah I'm sure the "lady" went for mr. Chad with his own Nathalie Portman because he was filming to get his white supremacist bro's out to get her.
The attention she got from him made her day.

Female hypergamy knows no bounds, cities need to burn for it.


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