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Robert High Hawk

Burn the buildings down. Simply to build the already built buildings again...

Three generations of Lenin's "Useful Idiots", have now spawned a generation of Useless Idiots...

This kind of logic is absolutely inane. It actually reminds me of what the neo-cucks used to say about spending all that money on the war on terror, and about all those multiple billions of dollars spent on fuel, munitions, sustainment, and foreign infrastructure projects that would never work or last more than a year, was somehow an economic multiplier and of value to the US economy.




That's a Chaldean Catholic Church - it's made up of people of Assyrian ethnicity. The reason for the naming is because it's under the Roman Catholic Church. Otherwise I just would refer to them as Catholic Assyrians.

This doesn't seem to add up. Myself and a few other people who know members of the church are a bit skeptical - maybe a mentally unstable member of the Assyrian community did it for attention.

A vast majority of Middle Eastern Christians are very conservative and Trump leaning.
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