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PureGym comes up with a "Slavery" workout to celebrate black history month.
Lol "Slavery was hard, and so is this workout"
The headline is "12 years of slave" which is a reference to the movie with really bad grammar.

Read the comments, sure it's a silly way to promote your workout but the absolute meltdown by goodwhites is delicious.

Excerpt from a white chick of course :

"This is SUCH poor taste, I honestly don’t know where to begin. You instantly know this idea was formulated by a white person with good intentions and without ANY consultation from a POC.‍♀ "

Not one POC was offended but whites are offended on their behalf, each comment raising the rhetoric so everyone can see how shocked they are.
They call for the guy's head until they find out he is black :)
Can't make this shit up... 2020 delivers
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Someone who is "not all there"...?
Interesting choice of words Blithering Biden...


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Freedom of speech is non-existent in Canada and the UK. I know from firsthand experience as I've been banned from both countries.


And don't these Antifa trogladytes query why the system of white supremacy has millions of dollars and hundreds of well placed gophers to get them off their crimes?