RIP friends, lost to the vaccine (poll)

How many acquaintances have you lost to the vax?

  • 0

    Votes: 76 66.1%
  • 1-2

    Votes: 31 27.0%
  • 3-5

    Votes: 5 4.3%
  • 6-10

    Votes: 1 0.9%
  • More than 10

    Votes: 2 1.7%

  • Total voters


Probably one family member so far, although the circumstances of his death are ambiguous...

So maybe none, but I'm not the only one who suspects it.
My friends and acquaintances form a very small circle but I know for certain of one death and one severe injury. My wife, on the other hand, knows many dead and many more injured amongst her friends, BFF's, former co-workers, etc.


Other Christian
I think that people not associating vaccine deaths with the vaccine is and will continue to be very common. Nobody wants to admit that they made a mistake. What worries me is that my mother listens to my father who is an absolute Fauci worshipper and that if she dies, the blame will technically lie on my father for telling her to get it. I'm not quite sure how to handle that situation if it does happen. My mother is everything to me and I don't care nearly as much for my dad - so if he causes her death via vaccine.. do I harbor resentment or let it go? He refuses to listen to logic regarding the vaccine deaths. Basically - "trust the science! I already took two doses and a booster and nothing happened so it's safe!"

As far as the thread topic - nobody I know has died, or even had a bad reaction. I'm guessing everyone I know has avoided the tainted batches, or (what I don't want to believe) they are due any time now :(
Just found out my mother (and my father) took the latest boosters a week ago without telling me. I hope nothing happens but the realist inside me is saying to make peace and accept whatever comes in the near future. I hate, absolutely hate Fauci and all these propagandists telling people to get vaccinated. :( Nothing I say will convince them to stop.. this latest booster doesn't even work on the new variants, there is literally no purpose to taking them..