RIP Norm MacDonald



RIP Turd Ferguson
A comedian's comedian.

Another gem performance from Bob Saget's roast. Everyone one ups the other with dirty, nasty, denigrating jokes and here's Norm with jokes from the 1950s Catskill circuit.

One of SNL's best skits because of Norm. If you're a Letterman fan, this is incredibly and deeply hilarious on so many levels.

Closing David Letterman's run. Touching.
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Norm was the funniest guy ever, and always seemed like a good man. I'm glad I got to go see him live once not long before he stopped doing shows.

Norm on battles with cancer:

If the 9 years thing is true he already had cancer himself at this point.
Norm was brilliant and a real comedic genius. A few years back, I sent a copy of his book to his agent's address I found online somewhere with the hopes that he could get it to Norm to sign, and included $50 for the effort.

I got my book back several weeks later, along with the cash, signed about 5 times... and this note: To (me), God Bless. Norm Macdonald.

Good man.