RIP Norm MacDonald


Orthodox Inquirer
What a loss.

One of the best comedic voices we had and easily one of my favourites. So many people liked him in his latter years simply because of his reverence in comedy circles, but many miss the fact it was his risk taking that got him that respect. He truly went his own way.

I really loved who he became in the latter years. Like how he was talking more about kindness and making people smile, rather than laugh, like it held something greater. We will look back and smile, Norm. :like:


Norm was a genius, hilarious, incredibly quick witted, and without a shred of political correctness. Equal parts vicious and funny. Unfortunately he might be the last of his kind, as today’s comedians put politeness, ideology, pandering and posturing before comedy. You can’t censor yourself and be funny at the same time. If you do, all that’s left is making funny faces to the audience, shrieking like an imbecile and resorting to slapstick, cheap gags, or years of Trump Jokes (see: Awkwafina, Leslie Jones, Carrot Top, Eddie Izzard, Aziz Ansari, Tig Notaro, Trevor Noah, Kevin James, Chelsea Handler, the list of shitty comedians goes on and on).

If heaven has a comedy club, he’s probably up on stage right now making jokes about God with Rodney Dangerfield, Mitch Hedberg, Patrice O’Neil, Kinison, George Carlin and the other greats that on more than one occasion made me cry with laughter. RIP Norm.