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It's interesting to me that the survey didn't have clear information on the Antiochian archdiocese considering that they're more numerous than ROCOR, but fascinating statistics nonetheless.

I only know of 3-4 people, at most, from my (ROCOR) parish that (probably) got Coofid. Don't know of anybody who died.

It's almost like there is actual power in going to Church and partaking of the Eucharist.


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@LaurenWitzke: Obviously, this is untrue.
Women aren’t allowed in the ROCOR seminary “training camp.”


Guy is spreading disinformation & lies about Lauren Witzke & ROCOR. His Twitter thread is a cesspool.


All these graphs perfectly fit my experience as well. I even actively lived out both figures 2 and 12, by leaving OCA and joining ROCOR where I would finally be baptized into the faith. My former OCA parish just recently came back to in-person services (as if there is any other kind), for the third time, and my first thought was: "Oh yeah, the rest of the churches were still in lockdown this whole time." (We had a third lockdown in my province, "coincidentally" beginning the Monday of Holy Week and only being relaxed if enough people took the stabbie - both of which were exactly what I said would happen months ago at my former parish, but was scoffed at.) Some good news however is that a former parishioner has reached out to me and seems to be far more inclined to believe in the things I was saying months ago. When he found out that we quietly continued with our pascha service, despite the lockdown, I could see the hurt in his eyes when he relayed to me their "drive-by" communion substitution.

Thank God for ROCOR.

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My own short experience so far in ROCOR aligns with what everyone else is mentioning here. Neither the mission in my own town nor the parish in the larger city that I attend (both currently administered by the same priest) has practiced any kinds of COVID restrictions and have no intentions of doing so.